Compressor Operating Checks; Refrigeration Circuit Leak Test; Troubleshooting - Fujitsu WATERSTAGE WS A050DD6 Series Maintenance Document

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Split system single phase type
b. Defrost ending conditions
With all models, defrosting stops if the exchanger
temperature is above 16 °C (100L model : 13°C) or if
the defrosting time is over 15 minutes).
Crankcase heater
When the outdoor exchanger temperature is below
-18°C and the heating mode has been stopped for
30 minutes, the compressor windings are powered
and maintain the compressor temperature.

Compressor Operating Checks

Using a multimeter set to mega ohm, check that the
resistance value across the windings is identical
irrespective of the phase (between U and V, V and
W, W and U). This value should be approx. 1 Ohm.

Refrigeration Circuit Leak Test

The new regulation requires annual leak testing of
installations with a refrigerant charge higher than 2kg.


The heat pump is not operating at all (no illuminated indicator):
Are the power supply voltage and frequency
Is the connection to mains correct?
Have all the connectors been properly inserted?
Are the fuses on the outdoor unit still operating?
If not, change the bad fuse(s).
Is the connection between the outdoor unit and
the Hydraulic Unit correct? Do you read 230V AC
between terminals 1 and 2 of the Hydraulic Unit
terminal block?
Maintenance Document 1589-3
When operation has started and the temperature
becomes higher than -16°C, heating stops.
Check that resistance between each phase and the
earth is infinite. The result should be clear (you
should not see the displayed value increasing slowly
up to a value greater than the multimeter maximum
Leak testing is to be performed with an approved
detector that has been appropriately calibrated.
Do you read 230V AC at the transformer primary
on the Hydraulic Unit? If not, change the board.
secondary on the Hydraulic Unit? If not, check
the thermal fuse. If the fuse is good, the error
comes from the board.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents