Maintenance; Emptying The Hydraulic Unit; Aci Check; Distribution Valve - Fujitsu WATERSTAGE WS A050DD6 Series Maintenance Document

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Split system single phase type
6 Maintenance (integrated DHW models

Emptying the hydraulic unit

- Remove the facade from the hydraulic unit.
- Place the distribution valve in the middle position.
- Open the emptying valve (ref. 5).
- Open the hydraulic unit's manual bleed-tap (ref. 6).
- Open the installation bleed tap.

Distribution valve

Carefully comply with the direction for fitting the
distribution valve:
Channel AB: Inlet from the hydraulic unit (heat
Channel A Open: Outlet to DHW tank.
Channel B Open: Outlet to the heating circuit.

ACI check

- Check polarity.
- Check voltage: The appliance powered on, the
voltage value must be positive and lie between 0 +
and + 6.5 V dc.
Figure 4 - Fitting the distribution valve
Figure 5 - ACI check
Maintenance Document 1589-3


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents