Fujitsu Airstage AOU72RLAVL Installation Manual

Fujitsu Airstage AOU72RLAVL Installation Manual

Outdoor unit


For authorized service personnel only.
Pour le personnel de service agrée uniquement.
Únicamente para personal de servicio autorizado.
PART No. 9380545309-02


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  • Page 1 INSTALLATION MANUAL OUTDOOR UNIT For authorized service personnel only. MANUEL D'INSTALLATION UNITÉ EXTÉRIEURE Pour le personnel de service agrée uniquement. MANUAL DE INSTALACIÓN UNIDAD EXTERIOR Únicamente para personal de servicio autorizado. AOU72RLAVL AOU96RLAVL AOU120RLAVL PART No. 9380545309-02...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    INSTALLATION MANUAL 1. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS VRF system outdoor unit This installation manual describes how to install the outdoor unit only. To install the PART No. 9380545309-02 indoor unit, refer to the installation manual included with the indoor unit. Contents IMPORTANT! SAFETY PRECAUTIONS …………………………………………………………………...
  • Page 3: About This Product

    When Connecting Refrigerant Tubing CAUTION • Keep all tubing runs as short as possible. This unit must be installed by qualifi ed personnel with a capacity certifi cate for handling • Use the brazing method for connecting tubing. refrigerant fl uids. Refer to regulation and laws in use on installation place. •...
  • Page 4: Special Tools For R410A

    Specifications 2.6. About unit of the length manual — All Fujitsu General products are manufactured to metric units and tolerances. United States customary units are provided for reference only. In cases where exact dimensions Installation manual (This manual) and tolerances are required, always refer to metric units.
  • Page 5: Drain Processing

    3.3.1 Single outdoor unit installation 3.2. Drain processing When the upward area is open Unit: in (mm) CAUTION (1) Obstacles at rear only (2) Obstacles at rear and sides only Perform drain work in accordance with this Manual, and ensure that the drain water is properly drained.
  • Page 6: Transporting The Unit

    3.3.3 Outdoor units installation in multi row 3.5. Installing the unit * The following settings are not recommended in case of cooling by a low outside tem- • Please install the outdoor unit without slant. (within 0.3 degrees) perature. Unit: in (mm) •...
  • Page 7: System Configuration

    Table. B (Diameter of piping used between outdoor unit and first separation 4. SYSTEM CONFIGURATION tube or header) For the following installation conditions, it is necessary to increase the piping size. For detailed information, refer to the Design and Technical Manual. •...
  • Page 8: Pipe Installation

    5. PIPE INSTALLATION 5.3. Opening the knockout hole CAUTION 5.1. Brazing Be careful not to deform or scratch the panel while opening the knockout holes. CAUTION To protect the piping insulation after opening a knockout hole, remove any burrs from the edge of the hole.
  • Page 9: Electrical Wiring

    5.4.2 Removing the pinch pipe 6. ELECTRICAL WIRING WARNING 6.1. The precautions of electrical wiring Remove the pinch pipe only when the internal gas is completely drained as shown on the below instructions. If gas still remains inside, the piping may crack if you melt the brazing filler metal of the WARNING junction area with a burner.
  • Page 10: Knockout Hole

    6.2. Knockout hole 6.4. Transmission line CAUTION CAUTION Be careful not to deform or scratch the panel while opening the knockout holes. Caution when wiring cable: When stripping off the coating of lead wire, always use the exclusive tool such as a After opening the knockout hole, remove the burr on the edges to prevent snapping of wire stripper.
  • Page 11: Wiring Method

    Example: Disable Automatic Address setting Transmission terminal (M3) Transmission line Power supply terminal Refrigerant system 1 Transmission line Refrigerant system 2 Transmission line Refrigerant system 3 Push mount cable tie Example: Enable Automatic Address setting (accessories) Transmission line Refrigerant system 1 Ring terminal (M5)
  • Page 12: External Input And External Output

    Operation behavior 6.6. External input and external output Each input terminal works as follows. 6.6.1 Terminal position Connector Input signal Status Output 1 (CN136: Black) Normal operation Input 1 CN131 (Yellow) Low noise mode operation Base heater EXT. OUT. 1 CN136 BLK (CN115: Black) Outdoor unit PC board...
  • Page 13: Field Setting

    7. FIELD SETTING 7.3. Rotary switch setting The rotary switch (REF AD) sets the refrigerant circuit address of the outdoor unit. Config- CAUTION ure the settings only on the master unit of a refrigerant system. Discharge the static electricity from your body before setting up the DIP switches. If multiple refrigerant systems are connected, set the rotary switch (REF AD) as shown in Never touch the terminals or the patterns on the parts that are mounted on the PC the table below.
  • Page 14 Setting number (xx00) Change of unit (Pressure) Setting number (xx01) Electricity meter Level 1 (stop) ······ ··· ··· pulse setting 1 *3 Level 2 Setting number (xx98) (operated at 40% capacity) Setting number (xx99) Level 3 Set the ones digit and tens digit of the No. of the electricity meter pulse setting con- Energy saving (operated at 60% capacity) nected to CN135.
  • Page 15: Address Setting For Signal Amplifi Ers

    (1) Turn on the power of the outdoor unit and enter standby mode. 7.5. Address setting for signal amplifi ers • When system is abnormal • When system is normal Check the settings as there is an error in the POWER/MODE lamp lights up.
  • Page 16: Resistance Measurement Of Transmission Cable (Measure With Breaker Off)

    7.6.2 Procedures to enable automatic address setting on indoor 8. PIPE INSTALLATION II units Check that the rotary switch IU AD on the indoor unit PC board is set to “00”. If it is not set Fig. A Connection system Fig.
  • Page 17: Additional Charging

    Evacuation procedure (1) Calculation of additional amount for pipe length (1) Remove the blank caps of the gas pipe and liquid pipe and check that the valves are Total length of ø 1/2 in Total length of ø 3/8 in closed.
  • Page 18: Test Run

    9.1.3 Error displays 9. TEST RUN • When error occurs, “Err” and “Number of errors occurred” are alternately displayed on the 7-segment display every 1 second. 9.1. Indoor unit connection check • For the content of error, please refer to the “10.2. Error codes”. •...
  • Page 19: Checklist

    Test operation setting method 10. LED STATUS Use the “MODE/EXIT”, “SELECT”, and “ENTER” buttons on the indoor unit PC board to configure settings according to the procedures below. You can determine the operating status by the lighting up and blinking of the LED display. Check the status using the table below.

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