Maintenance Services; Hydraulic Checks; Descaling; Maintenance Of The Dhw Tank - Fujitsu WATERSTAGE WS A050DD6 Series Maintenance Document

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Split system single phase type

5 Maintenance services

Ensure that the general electrical power supply has
been cut off before starting any repair work.

Hydraulic checks

Warning : If frequent refills are required it is
essential that you look for any leaks.If filling
and re-pressurization are required, check what
type of fluid has been used initially.
Recommended filling pressure: 1 to 2 bar (Precise
filling pressure is determined by the manometric
height of the installation).
Each year,
- Check the expansion vessel pressure (precharge
1 bar) and the correct functioning of the safety
- Verify the safety unit on the cold water supply
inlet. Make it work as prescribed by the
- Check the shut-off.
- Verify the correct functioning of the distribution
Maintenance of the DHW
tank (
Integrated DHW models
Maintenance of the tank must be undertaken once
a year (The frequency may vary according to water

5.2.1 Emptying the hot water tank

- Remove the facade from the hydraulic unit.
- Close the cold water entry into the tank.
- Open a hot water tap and open the water tank
emptying valve

5.2.2 Descaling

- Empty the water tank.
- Remove the hood of the electrical back-up (ref. 2).
- Disconnect the electrical back-up.
- Unplug the ACI.
- Remove the electrical back-up (ref. 3).
- Remove any limescale deposits that have built up
inside the tank. It is best to let the scale stuck to
the walls of the tank: it forms a protective layer.
- Gently remove any limescale deposit on the glove
finger. Do not use any metal objects or chemical
or abrasive products.
- Replace the joint of the electrical back-up (ref. 4)
each time it is dismantled.
- Replace the electrical back-up and carry out
'crossed' locking of the nuts.
- Reconnect the electrical back-up.
- Plug in the ACI.
- Replace the hood of the electrical back-up.
Maintenance Document 1589-3
Figure 3 - Emptying the hydraulic unit and/or DHW tank

Checking the outdoor unit

- Dust off the heat exchanger if necessary, being
careful not to damage the fins.
- Straighten the vanes using a comb.
- Check that there is nothing obstructing the
passage of air .
- Check the fan.
- Verify that condensate drain is not obstructed.
Checking the refrigeration circuit :
When the refrigerant charge is in excess of 2kg
(>10 kW models), it is compulsory to have an
refrigeration circuit every year (with a certificate of
capacity for the handling of refrigerants
- Check the lack of leak (connections, valves...).

Electrical checks

- Check connections and possible tightening.
- Check the cables condition and electronic boards.
ACI light: In normal operation, the light flashes.


Table of Contents

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