Fujitsu Waterstage DHW Series Operating Instructions Manual

Fujitsu Waterstage DHW Series Operating Instructions Manual

Air to water heat pump


Air to Water Heat Pump
Split single service & Split integrated DHW type
For users. To be kept by the user for future reference.


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Fujitsu Waterstage DHW Series

  • Page 1 U0651601_2010_EN_1 24/06/2019 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Air to Water Heat Pump Split single service & Split integrated DHW type For users. To be kept by the user for future reference.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents  Safety instructions  Overview of installation Precautions and warnings about your installation . . 4 Overview of the installation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Appliance end-of-life .
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

     Safety instructions Please comply with the following instructions in order to avoid any risk of injury or inappropriate use of the appliance. Commissioning Do not switch the appliance ON until every filling operation has been performed Do not attempt to install this appliance yourself . This heat pump must be installed by qualified personnel holding a certificate of competence.
  • Page 4: Overview Of Installation

     Overview of installation ► Precautions and warnings about ▼ Radiators your installation In order to ensure operation of the control system, the room containing the thermostat must not also ▼ Outdoor unit contain a thermostatic valve . If this is the case, it must be opened as far as possible .
  • Page 5: Appliance End-Of-Life

    ► ► Appliance end-of-life Overview of the installation The appliances must be dismantled and recycled by a Your heat pump has been configured by your installation specialised service . The appliances must not, under any engineer . It is made up of the following main parts: circumstances, be thrown out with household waste, - The outdoor unit, as its name suggests, is placed bulky waste or at a tip .
  • Page 6: Room Thermostat (Option)

     Carrying out the installation ► User interface, Room control unit (option) and Room thermostat (option) Auto Auto °C - 6 - Waterstage / OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS / 2010 - EN...
  • Page 7 Ref. Functions - Definitions Selecting of the DHW operating mode - If the installation is fitted with a DHW tank. (Domestic hot water) . - On: Production of DHW according to the time program . - Off: Preparing the domestic hot water for stopping with the anti-frost function active .
  • Page 8: Display Description

    ► Display Description Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Symbols Definitions - Heating mode active with reference to the heating circuit* . - Heating in comfort mode . - Heating in reduced mode . - Heating in "standby" mode (freeze protection) . fig. 2 - Closing the display - Cooling mode active* .
  • Page 9: Appliance Start Up

    ► ► Appliance start up Quick start-up Once your installer has started your installation for the • The installation and 1st start up of the appliance first time: must be done by a qualified installer. That person will also give you instructions on starting and running the •...
  • Page 10: Setting The Time

    ► Setting the time Keys Display example Description Basic display AUTO If the basic display is not shown, press ESC to return to it Room temperature Press OK to confirm. AUTO Turn the knob Select menu hour and date Time and date Operator section Press OK to confirm.
  • Page 11: Structure Of The "End User" Control Menu

    ► Structure of the "End user" control menu Basic Brief display press End user Commissioning Engineer Time of day and date Hours / minutes Hours 1 ...24 h Day / Month Minutes 0...60 min Year Operator section Language English, German... Time prog heating circuit 1 Pre-selection Mon-Sun...
  • Page 12: Parametering The Setting

    ► Parametering the setting ▼ Setting parameters ▼ General With the screen on basic display . Only the parameters accessible to levels: - Press OK . End user . . . are described in this document . Once in "End user" level . - Scroll the menu list .
  • Page 13 Setting range Setting Basic Line Function or display increment setting Time program heating / cooling, circuit 1 Pre-selection (Day / Week) Mon-Sun, Mon-Fri, Sat-Sun, Mon-Sun Monday, Tuesday, … 1st phase On (start) 00:00 . . . --:-- 10 min 6:00 1st phase Off (end) 00:00 .
  • Page 14 Setting range Setting Basic Line Function or display increment setting Holidays, heating circuit 2 (For the Holiday program is active, the heating mode should be on AUTO) . If the installation consists of 2 heating circuits (Only with the 2nd circuit kit option) . Preselection Period 1 to 8 Period 1...
  • Page 15 Setting range Setting Basic Line Function or display increment setting Energy meter 3095 --> 3110 : Not used 3113 Energy brought in Cumulation of total consumed electrical energy. Electrical energy consumed = Electrical energy absorbed by outdoor unit + electric energy absorbed by the heating electrical backup and / or DHW electrical backup (if installed) .
  • Page 16: Maintenance

    Setting range Setting Basic Line Function or display increment setting 3180 Energy brought in heating 9 (N - 9) 3181 Energy brought in DHW 9 3182 Energy brought in cooling 9 3184 --> 3186 : Not used 3187 Energy brought in heating 10 (N - 10) 3188 Energy brought in DHW 10 3189...
  • Page 17: Information Display

    ► Information display - Various data (see below) . Various data can be displayed by pressing the info button Designation Line Depending on the type of unit, configuration and Floor drying current setpoint . operating state, some of the info lines listed below may Current drying day .
  • Page 18: Details

    ► Details If the electrical power supply has been cut off while the heat pump is operating (electrical power failure or unprogrammed pressing of the on/off switch on the hydraulic unit) the display will show error 370 when the appliance restarts . Do not be concerned, the communication between the outdoor and hydraulic unit will re-establish itself in a few moments .
  • Page 19: Telephone Modem

    ► Telephone modem* (if Regulation extension kit AVS 55) It is possible to command the switching of the heating mode to the "freeze" protection mode / reduced (and vise versa) on the heat pump using a modem contact . The telephone command switches the current heat pump settings to "freeze"...
  • Page 20: Regular Checks

     Maintenance In order to ensure that your appliance operates correctly for many years, the maintenance operations described below are required at the start of each heating season . They are generally carried out as part of a maintenance contract . ►...
  • Page 21 LED Off: The circulation pump is not working, no power supply . Green LED On: The circulation pump is operating normally . Green LED flashing: Venting mode in operation (10 minutes) . Red/green LED flashing: Operating error with automatic restart . Red LED flashing: Operating error, consult your heating engineer .

Table of Contents