Outdoor Unit Clearing; Failures With Error Code - Fujitsu WATERSTAGE WS A050DD6 Series Maintenance Document

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Split system single phase type

Outdoor Unit Clearing

This section describes the techniques which can be used to identify the failure.

2.2.1 Failures with Error Code

Clear 1: Serial reverse transfer error (AO*A060LDC)
Hydraulic Unit LED: Green 1 flash / Red 1 flash
Outdoor Unit LED: Off
Probable causes:
External cause.
Main PCB failure.
Outdoor unit Fan motor failure.
1-1. Stop the system and start it again (disconnection time 1min):
Is the error still displayed?
2. Check the connections:
- Check the connection between the hydraulic
unit and the outdoor unit.
- If there is an abnormal condition, correct it
by referring to Installation manual.
3. Check the power supply voltage:
- Check that an AC 198 – 264 V voltage exists between terminals N and L
on the outdoor unit terminal block.
4. Check the serial signal:
- Check the voltage between terminals 1 and 3 of the outdoor terminal block. The
voltage must fluctuate between AC 70 V and AC 130 V.
- If it is abnormal, Check outdoor unit fan motor (Parts Information 5).
- If outdoor fan motor is abnormal, replace Outdoor unit fan motor and main PCB.
- If outdoor fan motor is normal, replace main PCB.
1-2. Check for external causes:
- Check the system's overall isolation.
- Check for any equipment generating harmonic
waves which interfere with the communication
between the hydraulic unit and the outdoor unit.
(Neon light bulb or any electric equipment which
causes harmonic waves).
Maintenance Document 1589-3


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents