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  • Page 1: Users Guide

    Users Guide Installation & Service Instructions U102220-07...

  • Page 2: Peculiar Smells

    Be safe Warning Accessible parts will become hot in use. To avoid burns and scalds children should be kept away. You need clean fresh air - so does your cooker. Burner fl ames produce exhaust gases, heat and moisture. Make sure that the kitchen is well ventilated: keep natural ventilation holes open or install a powered cooker hood that vents outside.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Hotplate burners The Griddle Warmer The Grill The Ovens The Clock Cooking using the timer Oven cooking ‘S’ (Slow) cooking Oven shelves The Handyrack Oven light Storage Oven cooking guide Cleaning your cooker Moving your cooker Troubleshooting General Safety Instructions Installation Servicing Notes Circuit Diagram...

  • Page 4: Hotplate Burners

    Hotplate burners Some models have a glass lid over the hotplate. If it is not open, lift it up at the front. There is a safety device which cuts off the gas to the hotplate burners if the lid is accidentally closed with a burner on.

  • Page 5: The Griddle, Warmer

    The Griddle The griddle fi ts a single pan support, front to back. It is designed for cooking food on directly. Don’t use pans of any kind on it. The griddle surface is non- stick and metal cooking utensils (e.g. spatulas) will damage the surface.

  • Page 6: The Grill

    The Grill : Accessible parts may be hot when AUTION the grill is in use. Young children should be kept away. The burner does not glow red - food cooks from the heat of the fl ame. The fi rst time you light the grill there may be a little smoke given off - this is perfectly normal.

  • Page 7: The Ovens, The Clock

    The Ovens The clock must be set to the time of day before the ovens will work. See ‘The Clock’ section of these instructions for how to set the clock. Before using for the fi rst time, to dispel manufacturing odours turn the ovens to Mark 7 and run for an hour.

  • Page 8: Minute Minder

    To time something that’s cooking (minute minder) Press and hold the Minute Minder ( ). At the same time press (-) or (+) until the time you want to cook for is shown. You can check time remaining by pressing and cancel the beeper by pressing To stop automatically Use when you have started the oven manually.

  • Page 9: Cooking Using The Timer

    Clock Special Features Key Lock When the key lock is activated, the clock can be operated as usual but the oven is locked and will not come on. This means that your child could select a cook program but the program will not be activated and oven will not be switched on.

  • Page 10: Oven Cooking, S' (slow) Cooking

    Oven cooking The wire shelves should always be pushed fi rmly to the back of the oven. Baking trays with food cooking on them should be placed level with the front edge of the oven’s wire shelves. Other containers should be placed centrally.

  • Page 11: Oven Shelves

    Once the oven has been loaded and the ‘S’ setting is in operation resist the temptation to open the oven door. Heat will be lost and the cooking time extended. A meat thermometer is recommended for checking that a joint or poultry is suffi ciently cooked.

  • Page 12: The Handyrack, Oven Light, Storage

    The Handyrack The maximum weight that can be held by the Handyrack is 5.5kg (12lb). It should only be used with the supplied meat tin, which is designed to fi t the Handyrack. Any other vessel could be unstable. The Handyrack fi ts to the left hand oven door only.

  • Page 13: Oven Cooking Guide

    Oven cooking guide Mark Meat Beef (no bone) Lamb Pork and Veal Poultry Chicken (2.3kg) Turkey (4.5kg) Turkey (over 4.5kg) Duck/ duckling Casseroles Yorkshire Pudding Fish Cakes Very rich fruit - Christmas / wedding etc. Fruit 180mm tin Fruit 230mm tin Madeira 180mm Queen cakes Scones...

  • Page 14: Cleaning Your Cooker

    Cleaning your cooker Essential information Before thorough cleaning isolate the electricity supply. Remember to switch on the electricity supply before use. Never use paint solvents, washing soda, caustic cleaners, biological powders, bleach, chlorine based bleach cleaners, coarse abrasives or salt. Don’t mix different cleaning products - they may react together with hazardous results.

  • Page 15

    The Ovens Cleaning is easier if carried out while the oven is still warm. Before cleaning, cover the burner to prevent the burner holes becoming blocked. The inside of the oven and inner door panel can be cleaned using an approved cleaner see the table at the end of this section.

  • Page 16: Cleaning Table

    Cleaning Table Hotplate Part Hotplate Top Pan Supports, Wok Cradle (some models only) Warming Zone (some models only) Burner Caps Burner Trim Rings (some models only) and Burner Head Griddle Plate (some models only) Outside of cooker Part Door, Door surround and Storage Drawer exterior.

  • Page 17: Moving Your Cooker

    Moving your cooker Switch off the electricity supply. The cooker is heavy, two people may be required to move it. The cooker is fi tted with one roller at the front and two at the back. There are also two screw down levelling feet at the front.

  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Hotplate ignition or hotplate burners faulty Is the power on? Is the clock illuminated? If not there maybe something wrong with the power supply. See ‘power supply’ section further on. Are the sparker (ignition electrode) or burner slots blocked by debris? Is the burner trim correctly located? Are the burner caps correctly located? See the section entitled ‘Cleaning your cooker’...

  • Page 19: Power Failure

    The oven is not cooking evenly Do not use a tin or tray larger than 340mm x 305mm. If you are cooking a large item, be prepared to turn it round during cooking. If two shelves are used, check that space has been left for the heat to circulate.

  • Page 20: General Safety Instructions

    General Safety Instructions In the UK the cooker must be installed by a CORGI registered engineer. The installation must be in accordance with the in stal la tion instructions and comply with the relevant regulations and also the local gas and electricity supply companies’...

  • Page 21

    cooker. For more detail see the Installation section of these instructions. Do not store or use fl ammable liquids or materials in the vicinity of this appliance. This includes some cleaning solvents and chemicals used in dry cleaning. Do not use water on grease fi res. Never pick up a fl...

  • Page 22: Installation

    Installation You must be aware of the following safety requirements & regulations Prior to installation, ensure that the local distribution conditions (nature of the gas and gas pressure) and the adjustment of the appliance are compatible. This appliance shall be installed in accordance with the regulations in force and only in a well ventilated space.

  • Page 23: Dear Installer

    Dear Installer Before you start your installation, please complete the details BELOW. If your customer has a problem relating to your installation they will be able to contact you easily. Thank you Installer’s Name Installer’s Company Installer’s Telephone number You will need the following equipment to complete the cooker installation satisfactorily STABILITY BRACKET GAS PRESSURE TESTER...

  • Page 24: Positioning The Cooker, Unpacking The Cooker

    Positioning the Cooker The diagrams below show the minimum recommended distance from the cooker to nearby surfaces. The hotplate surround should be level with, or above, any adjacent work surface. Above hotplate level a gap of 75mm should be left between each side of the cooker and any adjacent vertical surface.

  • Page 25: Moving The Cooker

    Moving the Cooker The cooker is very heavy. Take great care. We recommend two people manoeuvre the cooker. Ensure that the fl oor covering is fi rmly fi xed, or removed to prevent it being disturbed when moving the cooker around. You will need the levelling tool. From the back tilt the cooker forward and remove the rear half of the polystyrene base pack.

  • Page 26: Fitting A Stability Bracket, Gas Connection

    Fitting a stability bracket A stability bracket or chain (not supplied by with the cooker) should be fi tted when the cooker is connected to a fl exible gas supply. When fi tting a stability bracket read these instructions together with the leafl et supplied with the bracket. 1.

  • Page 27: Pressure Testing, Electrical Connection

    Pressure testing The gas pressure can be measured at the injector of one of the LH hotplate burners. Remove the pan support, burner head and caps. The injector is now accessible. For Natural Gas cookers the pressure should be 20mbar. For LP Gas cookers the pressure should be 29mbar for Butane 37mbar for Propane.

  • Page 28: Oven Check, Fitting The Plinth, Customer Care, Thank You

    Fitting the oven burner trim (supplied with some models only) The loose oven burner trim hooks onto the front of the oven burner bracket. Oven check The clock must be set to the time of day before the ovens will work. Press and hold as above.

  • Page 29: Servicing Notes

    WARNING - SERVICING TO BE CARRIED OUT ONLY BY AN AUTHORISED PERSON Disconnect from electricity and gas before servicing. Check appliance is safe when you have finished. Servicing Notes When servicing or replacing gas carrying components disconnect from gas before commencing operation and check appliance is gas sound after completion.

  • Page 30

    WARNING - SERVICING TO BE CARRIED OUT ONLY BY AN AUTHORISED PERSON Disconnect from electricity and gas before servicing. Check appliance is safe when you have finished. 4. To Remove Ignition/light Switch Remove the Control Panel - see 1. NB. The old switch may be destroyed during removal. Remove the old switch from its bezel by griping the switch body behind the control panel and twisting sharply.

  • Page 31

    WARNING - SERVICING TO BE CARRIED OUT ONLY BY AN AUTHORISED PERSON Disconnect from electricity and gas before servicing. Check appliance is safe when you have finished. 13. To Change Grill Injector Remove the hotplate control panel, see 2. spring clip grill injector holder Lift up the spring clip retaining the grill injector holder and slide the injector holder out of the burner venturi.

  • Page 32

    WARNING - SERVICING TO BE CARRIED OUT ONLY BY AN AUTHORISED PERSON Disconnect from electricity and gas before servicing. Check appliance is safe when you have finished. 19. To Change an Oven FSD/Solenoid Move the cooker forward to gain access to the rear. See ‘Moving the Cooker’...

  • Page 33

    WARNING - SERVICING TO BE CARRIED OUT ONLY BY AN AUTHORISED PERSON Disconnect from electricity and gas before servicing. Check appliance is safe when you have finished. 25. To Change Oven Door Seal Open oven door. The seal is held in place by small hooks on the rear face.

  • Page 34: Circuit Diagram

    Circuit Diagram...

  • Page 35: Technical Data

    Technical Data This cooker is designed for use on either :- NATURAL GAS (Cat I2H ) at 20mbar or LP GAS (Cat I3+ ) Butane 29mbar / Propane 37mbar. NB: THE NATURAL GAS AND LP GAS VERSIONS OF THESE COOKERS ARE DIFFERENT MODELS AND CANNOT BE CONVERTED FROM ONE GAS FAMILY TO THE OTHER INSTALLER: Please leave these instructions with the User.

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