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Using The List Screen; Displaying A List - Sanyo ICR-XPS01M Instruction Manual

Digital sound recorder
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Using the list screen

The list screen displays folders and files in a tree format. You can use this screen to quickly
select a folder or file.

Displaying a list

When the basic screen appears in the RECORD mode or MUSIC mode, tapping LIST
switches to the list screen. The list screen initially displays files selected from the basic
screen. If you tap LIST again, the unit returns to the basic screen.
Basic screen (MIC_A folder)
• During playback or recording, you cannot display the list screen. If you tap LIST during
playback, AB repeat is set. Therefore, stop playback or recording first, and then switch to
the list screen.
• If there are more files than the screen can display, just keep the highlight where it is. In a
moment, the screen will start scrolling so that you can see more files.
Name of recorded file (page 28)
Icons displayed on the list screen
The above screen is an example.
List screen (MIC_A folder)
: File
: Playlist file
: Folder
Current folder
Files in folder
If there is no file
in a folder



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