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Sanyo ICR-FP550 - 1 GB Digital Voice Recorder Instruction Manual

Instruction manual
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Digital Voice Recorder
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2009.2.23 3:16:05 PM



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  Summary of Contents for Sanyo ICR-FP550 - 1 GB Digital Voice Recorder

  • Page 1 ICR-FP550 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Digital Voice Recorder DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER MENU/HOLD ENGLISH   1 DEUTSCH   25 FRANÇAIS  49 ESPAÑOL   74 PORTUGUÊS   99 ITALIANO   67   81 FP550.indd 1 2009.2.23 3:16:05 PM...
  • Page 2 ENGLISH Precautions The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing. Do not drop the unit or subject it to strong shocks. Do not use where there are extremes of temperature (below 5°C or exceeding 35°C). Excessive sound pressure from earphones and headphones can cause hearing loss.
  • Page 3 Display CONF DICT REMAIN Your SANYO product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components which can be recycled and reused. This symbol means that electrical and electronic equip- ment, at their end-of-life, should be disposed of sepa- rately from your household waste.
  • Page 4: Inserting Batteries

    Inserting batteries 1. Remove the battery compartment lid. 2. Install two “R03/HP16/AAA” batteries (not supplied). Observe proper polarity and replace the lid. Connections External microphone Plug an external microphone (not supplied) into the socket. The built-in microphone is automatically disconnected. Earphone Connect an earphone (not supplied) to the socket for monitor-...
  • Page 5: Getting Start

    Getting start Example: Turning the power on and off Press the l button to turn the power on. The “LOADING.” appears briefly then the display lights and the unit is in the stop mode. To turn the power off, press the STOP button DICT REMAIN for at least 2 seconds in the stop mode.
  • Page 6: Lock Function

    Lock function This function avoids accidental button activation during recording or playback. Press the MENU/HOLD button for at least 2 sec- DICT onds to set the lock mode. “LOCKED” flashes REMAIN LOCKED briefly and “ ” remains lit. If you press any other button while the unit is in the lock mode, “LOCKED”...
  • Page 7: Menu Function

    Menu function Common procedures of menu function 1. In the stop mode, press the MENU/HOLD button briefly. The unit enters the menu setting mode. Only the related indicator is lit and all other indicators go off. Each time the button is pressed, the display changes as fol- lows: “DICT”...
  • Page 8 LP (or HQ or SP) : Setting recording quality The recording time differs as shown below. Recording mode Recording time (approx.) LP: Long 280 hr SP: Standard 140 hr HQ: High-quality 70 hr VAS (OFF or ON) : Setting VAS (Voice activated system) OFF: To start and stop recording manually ON: Recording begins when you are speak- ing into the microphone.
  • Page 9 ONE (or ALL) a : Setting play mode a ONE: To play a specific file. a ALL: To play all files in a folder. TONE (or NO TONE) : Setting beep TONE: Beep sound can be heard TONE whenever you press any button except during playback and recording.
  • Page 10 Date and time setting mode: YEAR, MM/DD, 12 or 24 HOUR, TIME (Year) 1. In the stop mode, press the MENU/HOLD but- ton seven times. The unit enters the date and time setting mode. “YEAR” appears and the year display flashes. YEAR 2.
  • Page 11 Recording Set the recording condition (DICT/CONF), recording quality (LP/HQ/ SP) and VAS function before you start recording (see pages 6-7). 1. In the stop mode, select the desired folder (see page 12). 2. Press the REC button. Recording starts with new file number. The recording LED lights.
  • Page 12 Playback Set the play mode (ONE/ALL) before you start playback (see page 8). 1. In the stop mode, select the desired folder (see page 12). 2. Press the e or f button to select the desired file. 3. Press the l button to start playback. The recorded date ap- pears briefly on the time display, then the recorded time remains lit.
  • Page 13 Introscan Play back the first 3 seconds of each file in a folder. 1. In the stop mode, select the folder. 2. Press the e or f button repeatedly until DICT “ALL” appears. 3. Press the l button to start introscan and “INTRO”...
  • Page 14 Erasing Erasing the selected file 1. In the stop mode, select the folder and file. DICT 2. Press the ERASE button briefly. “DEL” and DEL 01 selected file number “01” flash. 3. While “DEL 01” is flashing, press the ERASE button for at least 2 seconds.
  • Page 15: Connecting To Pc

    Connecting to PC Recommended PC environment Supported PCs Windows preinstalled PC Supported OS Windows Vista Windows XP Professional Windows XP Home Edition Windows Millennium Edition(Me) Windows 2000 Professional (After SP3) USB port One required for connection Other Speakers or headphones required Sound playback function required Note: Operation is not guaranteed for Macintosh PCs.
  • Page 16 Connect the unit to your PC Connect the unit to the USB terminal of the PC by using the original USB connection cable supplied. Pay attention to the direc- tion of the terminal. Note: Do not use an USB hub or USB extension cable (Operation is not guaranteed).
  • Page 17 Selecting the action Windows is to take After connection, the following screen will appear (Windows XP only). For Windows Me/2000, this operation is not needed. 1) select 3) click 2) check Adjust your settings to match your PCʼs environment. In this manual, “Take no action” is selected, “Always do the selected action”...
  • Page 18: Disconnecting The Unit From Your Pc

    Disconnecting the unit from your PC Before disconnecting, make sure no data is being transferred. For Windows XP Follow the steps below to disconnect. The screen might be different for a different OS. 1. Right-click Task tray icon at the bottom right of the Windows screen.
  • Page 19 4. Select the “ICR FP550 US USB Device” and click “OK”. ICR FP550 US USB Device 5. Disconnect the unit from your PC. ENGLISH ENGLISH   1   1 DEUTSCH DEUTSCH   25   25 FRANÇAIS FRANÇAIS  49  49 ESPAÑOL ESPAÑOL  ...
  • Page 20: Displaying By Explorer

    Displaying by Explorer To start up Explorer To use the same Explorer screen as the ones used in this manual, start up the Windows XP Explorer as follows. The screens displayed on your PC may not exactly correspond to those shown in this manual depending on the OS version and manufacturer.
  • Page 21: Removable Disk Display

    Removable Disk display An icon for a Removable Disk will appear in My Computer in Win- dows when the unit is connected to your PC. FOLDER_1 FOLDER_2 FOLDER_3 FOLDER_4 FOLDER_5 FOLDER_6 FOLDER 1 FOLDER 2 FOLDER 3 MUSIC FOLDER 4 FOLDER 5 FOLDER 6 MUSIC...
  • Page 22: Copying Data By Using Explorer

    Copying data by using Explorer Start up Explorer (see page 19) Copying files to the unit Select the MP3/WMA (except for DRM contents) files to copy and drag and drop them to the MUSIC folder in the Removable Disk drive. Be sure to place the files in the MUSIC folder in the Removable Disk.
  • Page 23 Copying files to your PC Select the MP3/WMA files you wish to copy inside the MUSIC folder on the Removable Disk and drop them into a folder of your choice on your PC. ENGLISH ENGLISH   1   1 DEUTSCH DEUTSCH  ...
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting guide Display is blank Check that the batteries are inserted proper polarity and not ex- hausted. Buttons do not respond Make sure the lock function is not activated. Cannot record Make sure memory is not full. You have recorded 99 files in one folder. Try record in a new folder.
  • Page 25: Cleaning The Cabinet

    Do not use benzene, thinner or alcohol since they will mar the finish of the surfaces. Sanyo cannot be held responsible for damage caused by im- proper use or modifications to the device, or data that is lost or destroyed.

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