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Obtaining Documentation - Cisco GRP= Installation And Configuration Note

Gigabit route processor
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When the DIMM is installed, check that the release lever is flush against the side of the DIMM socket.
Step 8
If it is not, the DIMM might not be seated properly. If the DIMM appears misaligned, carefully remove
it and reseat it in the socket. Push the DIMM firmly back into the socket until the release lever is flush
against the side of the DIMM socket.
When inserting DIMMs, use firm but not excessive pressure. If you damage a socket, you will have
to return the GRP to the factory for repair.
Repeat Step 4 through Step 8 for the remaining DIMM, as required.
Step 9
Checking the DIMM Installation
After you install the new DIMMs and replace the GRP, turn on system power and allow the system to
The time required for the system to initialize might vary with different router configurations and
DRAM configurations. Routers with 256 MB or more of DRAM might take longer to boot than those
with less DRAM.
If the system fails to boot properly, or if the console terminal displays a checksum or memory error,
check the following:
If after several attempts the system fails to restart properly, contact a service representative for
assistance. Before you call, make note of any error messages, unusual LED states, or any other
indications that might help solve the problem.

Obtaining Documentation

Cisco documentation and additional literature are available on Cisco also provides several
ways to obtain technical assistance and other technical resources. These sections explain how to obtain
technical information from Cisco Systems.
You can access the most current Cisco documentation on the World Wide Web at this URL:
Ensure that all DIMMs are installed correctly. If necessary, shut down the system and remove the
GRP to check the DIMMs. Look straight down on the DIMMs to inspect them at eye level. They all
should be aligned at the same angle and the same height when properly installed. If a DIMM appears
to stick out or rest in the socket at a different angle from the others, remove the DIMM and reinsert
it. Then replace the GRP and reboot the system for another installation check.
DIMMs must be extended data output (EDO), +3.3VDC, 60-ns DRAM devices. The speed is printed
along one edge of the DIMM.
Obtaining Documentation
Obtaining Documentation


Table of Contents

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