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Implementing Additional Configuration And Maintenance Tasks - Cisco GRP= Installation And Configuration Note

Gigabit route processor
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Implementing Additional Configuration and Maintenance Tasks

(Additional displayed text omitted from this example.)
Configuring interface Ethernet0:
Is this interface in use?: yes
Configure IP on this interface?: yes
Configure CLNS on this interface?: yes
Implementing Additional Configuration and Maintenance Tasks
This section contains information on the following additional configuration, troubleshooting, and
maintenance tasks:
Configuring the Software Configuration Register
The system uses a 16-bit software configuration register, which allows you to set specific system
parameters. Settings for the software configuration register are written into non-volatile random access
memory (NVRAM).
Following are some reasons for changing the software configuration register settings:
Table 9
the boot field, specified as a binary number that consists of bits 0 through 3 of the software configuration
To avoid confusion and possibly halting the Cisco 12000 Series Router, remember that valid
configuration register settings might be combinations of settings and not just the individual settings
listed in
Implementing Additional Configuration and Maintenance Tasks
IP address for this interface:
Number of bits in subnet field: 8
Class A network is, 8 subnet bits; mask is
Configuring the Software Configuration Register
Flash Disks and Flash Memory Cards in the GRP
Recovering Lost Password
Upgrading GRP Memory
To select a boot source and default boot filename
To enable or disable the Break function
To control broadcast addresses
To set the console terminal baud rate
To load operating software from Flash memory
To enable booting from a Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) server
To recover a lost password
To allow you to manually boot the system using the b command at the bootstrap program prompt
To force an automatic boot from the system bootstrap software (boot image) or from a default system
image in onboard Flash memory, and to read any boot system commands that are stored in the
configuration file in NVRAM
provides descriptions of each of the software configuration memory bits, and
9. For example, the factory default value of 0x2102 is a combination of settings.
Table 10


Table of Contents

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