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Preparing For Installation - Cisco GRP= Installation And Configuration Note

Gigabit route processor
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Preparing for Installation

Preparing for Installation
Installation preparation is presented in the following sections:
Safety Guidelines
Before you perform any procedure in this publication, review the safety guidelines in this section to
avoid injuring yourself or damaging the equipment.
The following guidelines are for your safety and to protect the equipment. The guidelines do not include
all hazards. Be alert.
Review the safety warnings listed in the Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for
Cisco 12000 Series Internet Routers publication (Document Number 78-4347-xx) for your router
before installing, configuring, or maintaining the GRP.
Translated Safety Warnings and Agency Approvals
The complete list of safety warnings and agency approvals for the PRP is available in the Regulatory
Compliance and Safety Information for Cisco 12000 Series Internet Routers publication (Document
Number 78-4347-xx).
Preparing for Installation
Safety Guidelines
Translated Safety Warnings and Agency Approvals
Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulatory Statements
Preventing Electrostatic Discharge
Working with Electrical Equipment
Required Tools and Parts
Keep the work area clear and dust free during and after installation. Do not allow dirt or debris to
enter into any components.
Do not wear loose clothing, jewelry, or other items that could get caught in the router while working
with the GRP.
The GRP operates safely when it is used in accordance with its specifications and product usage
Review all safety and ESD-prevention guidelines to help you to avoid injury or damage to the
Ensure that your equipment configuration meets the minimum requirements for the upgrade or
replacement you will perform and that you have all the parts and tools you need.
If you plan to replace a GRP, back up your current configuration file to a remote server or to Flash
memory before you remove the GRP. This prevents you from having to reenter all your current
configuration information manually. To back up the file, copy your configuration file to a Flash disk
or access a remote server.


Table of Contents

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