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Preventing Electrostatic Discharge - Cisco GRP= Installation And Configuration Note

Gigabit route processor
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Class A Notice for Korea
This is a Class A Device and is registered for EMC requirements for industrial use. The seller or
buyer should be aware of this. If this type was sold or purchased by mistake, it should be replaced
with a residential-use type. Statement 294

Preventing Electrostatic Discharge

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage, which can occur when electronic cards or components are
improperly handled, results in complete or intermittent failures. Electromagnetic interference (EMI)
shielding is an integral component of the GRP. Cisco recommends using a ESD-preventive strap
whenever you are handling a router or one of its components.
Following are guidelines for preventing ESD damage:
Working with Electrical Equipment
Follow these basic guidelines when working with any electrical equipment:
Always use an ESD-preventive wrist or ankle strap and ensure that it makes good skin contact.
Connect the equipment end of the connection cord to an ESD connection socket on the router or to
bare metal on the router chassis.
Handle the GRP by the card carrier and by the left-side spring-loaded screw (horizontal view). Avoid
touching board components or connector pins.
Place a removed GRP board-side-up on an antistatic surface or in a static shielding bag. If you plan
to return the component to the factory, immediately place it in a static shielding bag.
Avoid contact between the GRP and clothing or jewelry. The wrist strap protects the board only from
ESD voltages on the body; ESD voltages on clothing or jewelry can still cause damage.
Before beginning any procedure requiring access to the chassis interior, locate the emergency
power-off switch for the room in which you are working.
Disconnect all power and external cables before moving a chassis.
Do not work alone when potentially hazardous conditions exist; never assume that power has been
disconnected from a circuit; always check.
Do not perform any action that creates a potential hazard to people or makes the equipment unsafe.
Carefully examine your work area for possible hazards such as moist floors, ungrounded power
extension cables, and missing safety grounds.
Preparing for Installation
Preventing Electrostatic Discharge


Table of Contents

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