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Removing Dimms - Cisco GRP= Installation And Configuration Note

Gigabit route processor
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Removing DIMMs

This section provides the procedure for removing DIMMs. As you remove DIMMs, place them on an
antistatic mat or store them in an antistatic bag. You can use the DIMMs that you remove in other
compatible equipment.
To prevent ESD damage, handle DIMMs by the card edges only.
Use the following procedure to remove the existing DIMM(s):
Turn off the system power.
Step 1
Attach an ESD-preventive wrist strap to yourself following the instructions that came with the strap.
Step 2
Remove the GRP. (Follow the steps in the
Step 3
Place the GRP on an antistatic mat or pad.
Step 4
Position the GRP so that the faceplate is toward you, and the backplane connector is away from you.
Step 5
Locate the DRAM DIMMs on the GRP. The DIMMs occupy U39 (bank 1) and U42 (bank 2). (See
Step 6
For the DIMM you want to remove, pull down the lever on the DIMM socket to release the DIMM from
Step 7
the socket. (See
Figure 16
Step 8
When one end of the DIMM is released from the socket, grasp each end of the DIMM with your thumb
and forefinger and pull the DIMM completely out of the socket. Handle the edges of the DIMM only
socket edge.
Place the DIMM in an antistatic bag to protect it from ESD damage.
Step 9
Repeat Step 6 through Step 9 for the remaining DIMM, if required for your upgrade.
Step 10
Using DIMM Socket Release Lever to Remove DIMMs
17); avoid touching the memory module or pins and the metal traces, or fingers, along the
Implementing Additional Configuration and Maintenance Tasks
"Removing a GRP" section on page
Upgrading GRP Memory


Table of Contents

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