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Replacing A Grp - Cisco GRP= Installation And Configuration Note

Gigabit route processor
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Replacing a GRP

Required Tools and Parts
You need the following tools and parts to remove and replace a GRP. If you need additional equipment,
contact a Cisco customer service representative for ordering information.
Replacing a GRP
The following sections describe the procedures for replacing a GRP in your system.
Before beginning the procedures, verify that your system meets the minimum requirements as described
in the
When your system meets minimum requirements, proceed to the
for instructions on removing the GRP, and then to the
reinstallation instructions.
We recommend that you do not remove a GRP while the system is operating. Removing the installed
GRP from a system while the system is operating will cause the system to stop forwarding packets
and might cause the system to cease network operation.
Removing a GRP
When you remove a GRP from a slot, be sure to use the ejector levers, which help to ensure that the GRP
is fully dislodged from the backplane connector. (See
Required Tools and Parts
3/16-inch flat-blade screwdriver for the captive installation screws that secure the GRP in its slot.
ESD-prevention equipment or the disposable ESD-preventive wrist strap included with all spares
and upgrade kits.
Antistatic mat, foam pad, or bag for the removed GRP. Place the removed GRP into an antistatic bag
if you plan to return it to the factory, or on an antistatic mat or foam if you are replacing components
and will reinstall the GRP.
"Preparing for Installation" section on page
"Removing a GRP" section on page 14
"Installing a GRP" section on page 17


Table of Contents

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