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Prime Number Generator - HP 35s User Manual

Scientific calculator.
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Prime Number Generator

This program accepts any positive integer greater than 3. If the number is a prime
number (not evenly divisible by integers other than itself and 1), then the program
returns the input value. If the input is not a prime number, then the program returns
the first prime number larger than the input.
The program identifies non–prime numbers by exhaustively trying all possible
factors. If a number is not prime, the program adds 2 (assuring that the value is still
odd) and tests to see if it has found a prime. This process continues until a prime
number is found.
Miscellaneous Programs and Equations
Retains 0.56 in I; prompts for N.
Stores 24 in N; prompts for B.
Retains 5750 in B; calculates F, the
future balance. Again, the sign is
negative, indicating that you must,
pay out this money.
Sets FIX 4 display format.


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