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Using Equations To Display Messages - HP 35s User Manual

Scientific calculator.
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Using Equations to Display Messages

Equations aren't checked for valid syntax until they're evaluated. This means you
can enter almost any sequence of characters into a program as an equation — you
enter it just as you enter any equation. On any program line, press
the equation. Press number and math keys to get numbers and symbols. Press
before each letter. Press
If flag 10 is set, equations are displayed instead of being evaluated. This means
you can display any message you enter as an equation. (Flags are discussed in
detail in chapter 14.)
When the message is displayed, the program stops — press
execution. If the displayed message is longer than 14 characters, the
annunciator turns on when the message is displayed. You can then use
 Ö
to scroll the display.
If you don't want the program to stop, see "Displaying Information without
Stopping" below.
INPUT, VIEW, and Messages in a Program.
Write an equation to find the surface area and volume of a cylinder given its radius
and height. Label the program C (for cylinder), and use the variables S (surface
area), V (volume), R (radius), and H (height). Use these formulas:
(In RPN mode)
 
 
 ÇR
 ÇH
Simple Programming
to end the equation.
V = R
S = 2 R
+ 2 RH = 2 R ( R + H )
 
  
  
  
Program, entry; clears the
program memory.
Labels program.
Instructions to prompt for
radius and height.
to start
to resume
 Õ


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