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Entering Equations Into The Equation List; Variables In Equations - HP 35s User Manual

Scientific calculator.
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Entering Equations into the Equation List

The equation list is a collection of equations you enter. The list is saved in the
calculator's memory. Each equation you enter is automatically saved in the equation
To enter an equation:
You can make an equation as long as you want – it is limited only by the amount of
available memory.
1. Make sure the calculator is in its normal operating mode, usually with a
number in the display. For example, you can't be viewing the catalog of
variables or programs.
2. Press
. The EQN annunciator shows that Equation mode is active, and
an entry from the equation list is displayed.
3. Start typing the equation. The previous display is replaced by the equation
you're entering — the previous equation isn't affected. If you make a mistake,
4. Press
is automatically saved in the equation list — right after the entry that was
displayed when you started typing. (If you press
saved, but Equation mode is turned off.)
Equations can contain variables, numbers, vectors, functions, and parentheses —
they're described in the following topics. The example that follows illustrates these

Variables in Equations

You can use any of the calculator's variables in an equation: A through Z,(I) and
(J). You can use each variable as many times as you want.(For information about (I)
and (J), see "Indirectly Addressing Variables and Labels" in chapter 14.)
To enter a variable in an equation, press
A..Z annunciator shows that you can press a variable key to enter its name in the
Entering and Evaluating Equations
as required.
to terminate the equation and see it in the display. The equation
variable. When you press
instead, the equation is
, the


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