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HP 35s User Manual Page 141

Scientific calculator.
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Specifying Accuracy.
With the display format set to SCI 2, calculate the integral in the expression for Si(2)
(from the previous example).
The integral is 1.61±0.0161. Since the uncertainty would not affect the
approximation until its third decimal place, you can consider all the displayed digits
in this approximation to be accurate.
If the uncertainty of an approximation is larger than what you choose to tolerate,
you can increase the number of digits in the display format and repeat the
integration (provided that f(x) is still calculated accurately to the number of digits
shown in the display), In general, the uncertainty of an integration calculation
decreases by a factor of ten for each additional digit, specified in the display
Changing the Accuracy.
For the integral of Si(2) just calculated, specify that the result be accurate to four
decimal places instead of only two.
∫ 
Sets scientific notation with two
decimal places, specifying that the
function is accurate to two decimal
Rolls down the limits of integration
from the Z–and T–registers into the
X–and Y–registers.
Displays the current Equation.
The integral approximated to two
decimal places.
The uncertainty of the
approximation of the integral.
Integrating Equations


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