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Entering A Program - HP 35s User Manual

Scientific calculator.
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For output, you can display a variable with the VIEW instruction, you can display a
message derived from an equation, you can display process in line 1, you can
display the program result in line 2, or you can leave unmarked values on the stack.
These are covered later in this chapter under "Entering and Displaying Data."

Entering a Program

 
turns the PRGM annunciator on and off. Keystrokes in Program–entry mode are
stored as program lines in memory. Each instruction (command) or expression
occupies one program line. In ALG mode, you can enter an expression directly in a
To enter a program into memory:
 
1. Press
 
2. Press
known spot, before any other programs. As you enter program lines, they are
inserted before all other program lines.
If you don't need any other programs that might be in memory, clear program
memory by pressing
programs deleted, press
3. Give the program a label — a single letter, A through Z. Press
Choose a letter that will remind you of the program, such as "A" for "area."
If the message  is displayed, use a different letter. You can
clear the existing program instead — press
to find the label, and press
4. To record calculator operations as program instructions, press the same keys
you would to do an operation manually. Remember that many functions don't
appear on the keyboard but must be accessed using menus.
To enter an equation in a program line, see the instructions below.
Simple Programming
toggles the calculator into and out of Program–entry mode —
to activate Program–entry mode.
to display  . This sets the program pointer to a
(). To confirm that you want all
after the message    .
(), use


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