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Installation Manual
SAFETY IINSTRUCTIONS ..................... i
EQUIPMENT LISTS...............................iii
1. MOUNTING..................................... 1-1
1.1 Antenna Unit.................................1-1
1.2 Monitor Unit..................................1-6
1.3 Control Unit ................................1-10
1.4 Processor Unit............................1-15
WIRING ........................................ 2-1
2.1 Interconnection.............................2-1
2.2 Antenna Unit.................................2-2
2.3 Monitor Unit..................................2-6
2.4 Processor Unit..............................2-7
2.5 Changing AC Power Specification of
Processor Unit ..........................2-12
3.1 DIP Switch Setting .......................3-1
3.2 Initializing Tuning..........................3-2
3.3 Heading Alignment .......................3-3
3.5 Suppressing Main Bang ...................3-7
3.6 Other Settings ..............................3-8
All brand and product names are trademarks, registered trademarks or
service marks of their respective holders.
OUTLINE DRAWINGS ......................D-1
Comply with MSC.192(79)
3.7 Dual Radar Display
(non IMO-type only) ..................3-16
EQUIPMENT................................ 4-1
4.1 Gyro Converter GC-10 .................4-1
4.3 DVI-RGB Conversion Kit
(for VDR connection) ..................4-12
4.6 Junction Box...............................4-18
INPUT/OUTPUT DATA ................ 5-1


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    3.5 Suppressing Main Bang ...3-7 3.6 Other Settings ...3-8 All brand and product names are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective holders. MARINE RADAR/ARPA FAR-2117/2127/2817/2827 FAR-2117-BB/2127-BB Comply with MSC.192(79) 3.7 Dual Radar Display (non IMO-type only) ...3-16 4.

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    Nishinomiya, 662-8580, JAPAN Telephone : +81-(0)798-65-2111 : +81-(0)798-65-4200 All rights reserved. Printed in Japan Pub. No. IME-35190-K (HIMA ) FAR-2117/27/2817/27 The paper used in this manual is elemental chlorine free. ・FURUNO Authorized Distributor/Dealer A : JAN K : DEC . 12, 2008...

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    Note: If the antenna unit is installed at a close distance in front of the wheel house, your administration may require halt of transmission within a certain sector of antenna revolution. This is possible. Ask your FURUNO representive or dealer to provide this feature. Model...

  • Page 4

    WARNING Do not open the equipment unless totally familiar with electrical circuits and service manual. Only qualified personnel ELECTRICAL should work inside the SHOCK equipment. HAZARD Construct a suitable service platform from which to install the antenna unit. Serious injury or death can result if some- one falls from the radar antenna mast.

  • Page 5: Equipment Lists

    CP03-25730 CP03-25800 CP03-25602 CP03-25603 FP03-09810 Accessories FP03-09850 FP03-09860 Code No. FAR-2117/2117-BB/2817, 24 rpm, 1200 mm, W/CP03-24201 FAR-2117/2117-BB/2817, 42 rpm, 1200 mm, W/CP03-24201 FAR-2117/2117-BB/2817, 24 rpm, 2000 mm, W/CP03-19101 FAR-2117/2117-BB/2817, 42 rpm, 2000 mm, W/CP03-19101 FAR-2117/2117-BB/2817, 24 rpm, 2400 mm, W/CP03-19101...

  • Page 6: Optional Equipment

    SP03-12501 SP03-14404 SP03-14405 SP03-14406 Spare Parts SP03-14401 SP03-03900 SP03-14402 Optional Equipment Name Gyro Converter Performance Monitor Transformer Unit Rectifier Memory Card Interface Unit External Buzzer Control Unit RAM Card DVI-RGB Conversion Kit Cable Assy. 008-485-360 008-535-910 008-535-920 008-535-930 008-535-990 000-081-063 008-536-000 Type Code No.

  • Page 7

    Refer to the table shown below to confirm your category. Category Radar type FAR-2817, FAR-2827, FAR-2837S, CAT1 FAR-2827W, FAR-2837SW CAT1H FAR-2817, FAR-2827, FAR-2837S FR-2117/BB, FAR-2127/BB, CAT2 FAR-2137S/BB FAR-2117/BB, FAR-2127/BB, CAT2H FAR-2137S/BB OP03-28900 000-082-658 OP03-28910 000-082-629 OP03-28920 000-082-660 FP03-09820 008-535-560 FP03-09830...

  • Page 8: System Configuration

    3) Use the gyrocompass having an update rate that is adequate for the ship’s rate of turn. *: For FAR-2117-BB/2127-BB a monitor unit is prepared by user. See page 1-6. These monitors have been approved by the IMO, MU-201CR for CAT 2, MU-231CR for CAT 1.

  • Page 9: Mounting, Antenna Unit

    1. MOUNTING Do not apply paint, anti-corrosive sealant or contact spray to coating or plastic parts of the equipment. Those items contain organic solvents that can damage coating and plastic parts, especially plastic connectors. Antenna Unit Mounting considerations • The antenna unit is generally installed either on top of the wheelhouse, on the radar mast, or on a suitable platform.

  • Page 10

    1. MOUNTING • Install the antenna unit away from interfering high-power energy sources and other transmitting radio antenna. • Keep the lower edge of the antenna unit above the safety rail by 500 mm or more. • Two antenna units should be mounted as below: •...

  • Page 11

    Assembling the antenna unit The antenna unit consists of the antenna radiator and the antenna unit chassis, and they are packed separately. Fasten the antenna radiator to the antenna unit chassis as follows: 1. For the XN20AF, XN24AF, attach two guide pins to the underside of the antenna radiator.

  • Page 12

    1. MOUNTING Antenna radiator Guide pin (XN20AF, XN24AF only) Fastening the radiator to the radiator bracket Fastening the antenna unit to the mounting platform The antenna unit may be assembled before hoisting it to the mounting platform. However, do not lift the antenna unit by the radiator. Always hold the unit by its housing. When using a crane or hoist, lift the unit by the hoist rings which should be fastened to the bolt fixing covers of the antenna housing.

  • Page 13

    4. Place the antenna unit on the rubber mat, orienting the unit so the bow mark on its base is facing the ship’s bow. Bow mark 5. Fasten the antenna unit to the mounting platform with M12x60 hex bolts, nuts, flat washers and seal washers.

  • Page 14: Monitor Unit

    The monitor unit can be flush mounted in a console panel, or mounted on a desktop using the optional accessories. Note: FAR-2117-BB/2127-BB have no monitor unit. Prepare a suitable monitor locally. Recommended monitor: SXGA (1280x1024), aspect ratio 5:4 Mounting considerations When selecting a mounting location, keep in mind the following points: •...

  • Page 15

    1. MOUNTING 4-φ8 FIXING HOLES 570±1 4-FIXING HOLES Monitor unit MU-231CR (For FAR-2817/2827) Flush mounting of monitor unit Panel hook Panel cover Fixing screw Attaching panel hook and panel cover Note: If you need to remove the monitor unit from the mounting panel, remove the four panel covers with your fingernail and use two panel hooks supplied as accessories to lift the monitor unit.

  • Page 16

    1. MOUNTING Desktop mounting Use the optional accessories to mount the monitor unit on a desktop. • For FAR-2117/2127: FP03-09820 (Code No.: 008-535-560) • For FAR-2817/2827: FP03-09830 (Code No.: 008-536-020) Name Type Hanger L 03-163-1111 Hanger R 03-163-1112 03-163-1113 Hanger stay...

  • Page 17

    The hand grip is optionally available for the desktop mounting monitor unit. Hood (option) When it is too bright in the daytime, use the optional hood to shade the screen. • For FAR-2117/2127: FP03-11500 (Code No.: 001-020-090) • For FAR-2817/2827: FP03-11000 (Code No.: 008-571-680) Name...

  • Page 18: Control Unit

    1. MOUNTING 1. Desktop mounting: Fasten the fixing plates to the fixing holes with the hex head bolts (supplied). Flush mounting: Fasten the display unit to the mounting location, and then attach the fixing plates with four self-tapping screws. 2. Attach the hood to the display unit (the hood is outside of the fixing plates). 3.

  • Page 19

    Fixing with KB fixing plate 1. Fix the KB fixing plate to the bottom of the control unit. 2. Attach cushions (three for RCU-014, two for RCU-015/016) to the bottom of the control unit as shown below. 3. Fix it to a desired location with self-tapping screws (local supply). Fixing without KB fixing metal 1.

  • Page 20

    1. MOUNTING Flush mounting Use the optional flush mount kit FP03-09870 to mount the control unit RCU-014, RCU-015 and/or RCU016 to a console panel. Name: Flush mount kit Type: FP03-09870 Code No.: 008-535-630 Name Mount plate Hex nut Wing screw Pan head screw 1.

  • Page 21

    1. MOUNTING To connect RCU-016 in series with RCU-014 1. Pass the cable derived from RCU-016. 2. Connect the connector of the cable to J502. 3. Clamp the copper part of the cable with the cable clamp. Inside of RCU-014 1-13...

  • Page 22

    1. MOUNTING To change the cable entry To change the cable entry from the side (default) to the bottom, modify the unit as shown below. Screw M3x8 3. Pass the cable from this hole. 4. In here, clamp the copper part of the cable with the cable clamp removed at step1.

  • Page 23: Processor Unit

    Processor Unit Mounting considerations When selecting a mounting location, keep in mind the following points: • Locate the processor unit away from heat sources because of heat that can build up inside the cabinet. • Locate the equipment away from places subject to water splash and rain. •...

  • Page 24

    1. MOUNTING This page is intentionally left blank. 1-16...

  • Page 25: Wiring, Interconnection

    2. WIRING Wiring consideration • To lessen the chance of picking up electrical interference, avoid where possible routing the signal cable near other onboard electrical equipment (radars, transmitting radio antennas, etc.) Also avoid running the cable in parallel with power cables. When crossing with other cable, the angle should be 90°to minimize the magnetic field coupling.

  • Page 26: Antenna Unit

    2. WIRING Antenna Unit The magnetron in the transceiver module will de- magnetize if it contacts ferrous material. When dismounting the transceiver module, lay it on its side or on top of non-ferrous material as shown below. 1. Open the rear cover of the antenna unit 2.

  • Page 27

    Antenna unit, front view, cover removed 6. Fabricate the signal cable RW-9600 as shown below. a) Remove the outer vinyl sheath, by about 500 mm, then armor and inner sheath by about 470mm. b) Unravel the shield to expose the core wires.

  • Page 28

    2. WIRING 8. Nip the armor between two washers, and trim the excess armor from around washers. And then pass the shield between the clamping ring and the washer as shown below. Fasten the clamping ring with the screws. Clamping ring Rubber gasket (25B) 9.

  • Page 29

    11. Set the transceiver module to the antenna unit, push it in until it stops, and then tighten fixing bolts (4 pcs.). Connect plugs P823, P803, P831, P921 and J911 (if installed). Fasten the shield wire to the wing nut on the transceiver module. Push in transceiver unit until it stops.

  • Page 30

    2. WIRING Monitor Unit Two cables are terminated at the display unit: the signal cable from the processor unit (5 m or 10 m cable) and the power cable from the ship’s mains. The signal cable comes with a connector preattached to it for connection to the monitor unit. Fabricate the power cable as below.

  • Page 31

    Processor Unit Four cables are terminated at the processor unit: the antenna unit cable, display unit cable, control unit cable and the power cable. Cables other than the power cable come with a connector preattached to them for connection to the processor unit. Fabricate the power cable as below.

  • Page 32

    2. WIRING Connection of cables The power cable is connected to the terminal board on the rear panel and the signal cable from the monitor unit is connected to the DVI-D connector. Other cables are connected to the printed circuit board 03P9342. Monitor unit Network Power cable...

  • Page 33

    Location of connectors Open the processor unit as follows and the 03P9342 board appears. External alarm Track control ECDIS To Sub display * (SEMI-LOG) To Sub display * (FULL-LOG) From Master radar J614 +12V for card I/F *: See page 2-11 for details. Cable clamp 03P9342 J608...

  • Page 34

    2. WIRING Cable fabrication for the cables connected to the 03P9342 board Signal cable RW-9600 (Between antenna unit and processor unit) Vinyl sheath Vinyl tape Clamp here by cable clamp. Other cables for optional units Use TTYCS-1 or TTYCS-4 (Japan standard cable) or equivalent. φ...

  • Page 35

    Connection of Sub-display A conventional remote display and/or FAR-2107 series radar can be connected to J617 and J618 in the processor unit as a sub-display. However, the control for GAIN and STC are different depending on J617 and J618. Refer to the table to connect sub-displays. Port J617 Overall gain...

  • Page 36

    2. WIRING Changing AC Power Specification of Processor Unit To change AC power specification between 100 VAC and 220 VAC, add or remove jumper connector P108 on the PWR board 03P9339 and change the fuse on the processor unit according to ship’s mains as shown in the table below. The figures below and on the next page show the location of the fuse and the jumper connector on the PWR board.

  • Page 37

    PWR board (OVER) P108/J108 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Jumper connector (VH8P) How to adjust the overvoltage detection circuit: 1. Add or remove the jumper connector P108 and change the fuse. 2. Rotate R21 fully clockwise on the PWR board. 3.

  • Page 38

    2. WIRING This page is intentionally left blank. 2-14...

  • Page 39: Setting And Adjustment, Dip Switch Setting

    3. SETTING AND ADJUSTMENT DIP Switch Setting The processor unit is shipped for model FAR-2117 or FAR-2127. If your model is FAR-2817/ 2827/2117-BB/2127-BB, change the DIP switch setting as follows. 1. Remove the top cover of the processor unit. 2. Open the SPU assembly block.

  • Page 40: Initializing Tuning

    3. SETTING AND ADJUSTMENT Initializing Tuning 1. Transmit the radar on 48 nm range and rotate the GAIN knob to show 70-80 of the gain bar. 2. Roll the trackball to choose the MENU box at the right side of the screen and then push the left button.

  • Page 41: Heading Alignment

    Heading Alignment You have mounted the antenna unit facing straight ahead in the direction of the bow. Therefore, a small but conspicuous target dead ahead visually should appear on the heading line (zero degrees). In practice, you will probably observe some small bearing error on the display because of the difficulty in achieving accurate initial positioning of the antenna unit.

  • Page 42

    3. SETTING AND ADJUSTMENT 3. Read the target bearing. 4. Measure the bearing of the stationary target on the navigation chart and calculate the difference between actual bearing and apparent bearing on the radar screen. 5. Press the [MENU] key to show the main menu. 6.

  • Page 43

    How to Access the Installation Mode with the RCU-015 Trackball Style Controller 3. SETTING AND ADJUSTMENT 1. By using the trackball, move the pointer until it highlights the MENU box as shown. DO NOT CLICK the menu box, just leave the arrow over the menu.

  • Page 44: Adjustment Sweep Timing

    3. SETTING AND ADJUSTMENT Adjustment Sweep Timing Sweep timing differs with respect to the length of the signal cable between the antenna unit and the processor unit. Adjust sweep timing at installation to prevent the following symptoms: • The echo of a “straight” target (for example, pier), on the 0.25 m range, will appear on the display as being pulled inward or pushed outward.

  • Page 45: Suppressing Main Bang

    Suppressing Main Bang If main bang appears at the screen center, suppress it as follows. 1. Transmit the radar on a long range and then wait ten minutes. 2. Adjust gain to show a slight amount of noise on the display. 3.

  • Page 46: Other Settings

    3. SETTING AND ADJUSTMENT Other Settings ECHO menu setting Open the ECHO ADJ menu as described on page 3-3 and 3-4. To close the menu, press the [MENU] key. CABLE ATT ADJ Before adjusting, set the radar as follows: IR: 2, ES: off, EAV: off, 24nm range, long pulse (Same as default setting of PICTURE1) To adjust the cable attenuation manually, choose MANUAL by pressing [2] and the [ENTER] key, and then rotate the wheel so that noise just appears on the screen when the gain is set...

  • Page 47

    Scanner setting 1. Open the INITIALIZE menu described on page 3-2. 2. Press [3] key to open the SCANNER menu. [SCANNER] 1 BACK 2 BLIND SECTOR 1 START 000° ANGLE 000° 3 BLIND SECTOR 2 START 000° ANGLE 000° 4 ANT REVOLUTION LO/HI/AUTO 5 ANT SW OFF/ON/EXT...

  • Page 48

    MODEL Confirm the model of your radar. If the setting of this item is different from your model (combination of the antenna unit), the radar functions abnormally. 12: for FAR-2117/FAR-2817/ FAR-2117-BB 25UP: for FAR-2127/FAR-2827/ FAR-2127-BB TYPE Choose type of radar: IMO, A, B, C, or W.

  • Page 49

    TYPE Choose type of radar: IMO, A, B, C, or W. ON TIME and TX TIME These items show number of hours the radar has been turned on and transmitted, respectively. Value can be changed; for example, after replacing magnetron TX Time can be reset to 0.

  • Page 50

    3. SETTING AND ADJUSTMENT OWN SHIP INFO menu setting Open the OWN SHIP INFO menu by pressing the [5] key on the INITIALIZE menu. LENGTH/WIDTH and SCANNER POSN To inscribe own ship shape on the screen when you choose it on the menu, enter length and width of the ship and antenna position from the bow and left sides.

  • Page 51

    TT PRESET menu setting Open the TT PRESET menu by pressing [6] key on the INITIALIZE menu. [TT PRESET] 1 BACK 2 TT DATA OUTPUT OFF/TTM/TTD REL/TRUE 4800/9600/ 19200/38400 3 MAX RANGE 24/32 4 ECHO LEVEL 5 QV DISPLAY OFF/ON 6 TT W/O GYRO* OFF/ON 7 [TT PRESET]...

  • Page 52

    3. SETTING AND ADJUSTMENT TT W/O GYRO (Not on IMO radar) If a gyrocompass is not connected, choose the TT function, ON(working) or OFF (no working). LAND SIZE Set the land size in units of 100 m. The setting range is 100 to 3000 m. ANT SELECT Set the antenna radiator type of your radar.

  • Page 53

    OTHER menu setting Open the OTHER menu by pressing [8] key on the INITIALIZE menu. EAV w/o GYRO If a gyrocompass is not connected, choose the echo average function, ON (working) or OFF (no working). TT CATEGORY SELECT Choose CAT1 or CAT2•3 depending on your ship’s size. CAT1: All ships over than 10,000 GT CAT2: All ships between 500 and 10,000 GT CAT3: All ships less than 500 GT...

  • Page 54

    3. SETTING AND ADJUSTMENT Dual Radar Display (non IMO-type only) The image from both X-band and S-band radars may be shown together on one radar display. This allows you to take advantage of the best characteristics each type of radar has to offer.

  • Page 55

    Note 2: In the dual radar display, a guard zone set on the main radar is also accommodated on the external radar. When the position of the antennas for the main and external radars is different and the No. 2 guard zone is set on a close-in range, the on-screen guard zone may be shifted slightly from both the main radar antenna reference and external radar antenna reference.

  • Page 56

    3. SETTING AND ADJUSTMENT 1. Push the right button four times to close the menu. Note 1: The dual radar function becomes inoperative when the external radar is turned off, set to stand-by, or set as sub display. When this happens, the buzzer sounds and the message "EXT RADAR STBY"...

  • Page 57: Specifying Sector Width And Length

    3.7.2 Specifying Sector Width and Length When 2 DUAL RADA R in the DUAL RADAR menu is set for "COMBINE", specify the width and length o f the sector from the external radar to display on own radar. 1. Open the INITIALIZE menu. 2.

  • Page 58

    3. SETTING AND ADJUSTMENT 7. Use the scrollwheel to set START and ANGLE, referring to the description and example below. Spin the scrollwheel to set and push it to confirm. A solid green line marks the dual radar display area. •...

  • Page 59

    3.7.3 Choosing External Radar (image source) Select the external radar to use in the dual radar display. 1. Open the INITIALIZE menu. 2. Press the [3] key to show the SCANNER menu. 3. Select 9 [DUAL RADAR] and push the left button. 4.

  • Page 60

    3. SETTING AND ADJUSTMENT This page is intentionally left blank. 3-22...

  • Page 61: Equipment, Gyro Converter Gc-10, Installing Optional, Gyro Converter Gc

    4. INSTALLING OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Gyro Converter GC-10 The Gyro Converter GC-10, incorporated inside the processor unit, converts analog gyrocompass reading into digital coded bearing data for display on the radar screen. This section explains how to install the GC-10 (mainly consisting of the GYRO CONVERTER board) and set it up according to gyrocompass connected.

  • Page 62

    4. INSTALLING OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT 2. Fasten the GYRO CONVERTER board in the processor unit with five washer head screws and male connector 231-607/019-FUR (called J602) with two screws. Screw M3x8 5 pcs Attaching GYRO CONVERTER board in the processor unit 3.

  • Page 63: Installing Optional Equipment

    4. Connect the GYRO CONVERTER board and J602 with two connector assemblies 03-2089 and 03-2090. Connection for J602 From J4 From J5 VH connector assy. 03-2089 (5P) VH connector assy. 03-2090 (3P) 4. INSTALLING OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Wiring for WAGO connector Press downward.

  • Page 64

    4. INSTALLING OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT 5. Confirm gyrocompass specifications and set up the DIP switches and jumper wires on the GYRO CONVERTER board according to gyrocompass connected: Setting jumper wires and DIP switches by gyrocompass specifications: page 4-5 Setting jumper wires and DIP switches by make and model of gyrocompass: page 4-7 Location of jumper wires and DIP switches: page 4-8 6.

  • Page 65

    Connection of external power supply An external power supply is necessary when the repeater signal is step-by-step type and the step voltage is below 20 V or output voltage is less than 5 W. 1. Cut jumper wire JP1 on the GYRO CONVERTER board when an external power supply is used.

  • Page 66

    4. INSTALLING OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Setting method 1: DIP switch settings and gyrocompass specifications 1) Gyrocompass type Gyrocompass type synchronous synchronous DC step Full-wave pulsating current Half-wave pulsating current 3) Rotor Voltage (between R1 & R2) Rotor Voltage 20 to 45 VAC 30 to 70 VAC 40 to 90 VAC 60 to 135 VAC...

  • Page 67

    Setting method 2: by make and model of gyrocompass a t l a t l a t l a t l ) - ( a t l a t l CMZ-700 DC step 24V 180x COM(+), 3-wire(-) ) - ( a t l a t l See note below.

  • Page 68

    4. INSTALLING OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Location of DIP switches, jumper wires on the GYRO CONVERTER board (Stator voltage) (Rotor voltage) (Gyro type) Fuse (2A) (Stator signal input) (Rotor signal input, external power input) Setting the heading readout on the radar display Confirm that the gyrocompass is giving a reliable readout.

  • Page 69: Memory Card Interface Unit

    Memory Card Interface Unit Mounting considerations When selecting a mounting location, keep in mind the following points: Locate the memory card interface unit away from heat sources because of heat that can build up inside the cabinet. Locate the unit away from places subject to water splash and rain. Leave sufficient space at the sides and rear of the unit to facilitate maintenance.

  • Page 70

    4. INSTALLING OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Desktop mount For desktop mount, the optional desktop mount kit FP03-10201 is required. Refer to the end of this manual. 1. Fix the mounting bracket 19-023-3081 on the unit with four screws. 2. Mount the above assembly on a desktop with four tapping screws. Console mount For console mount, the optional console mount kit FP03-10202 is required.

  • Page 71

    MJ-A3SPF0015-100 (10 m) No.1 J614 Processor unit FR-FTPC-CY (10/20/30 m) (straight) NETWORK FR-FTPC-CY No.2 (10/20/30 m) Processor (straight) unit No.3 Processor FR-FTPC-CY (10/20/30 m) (straight) unit No.4 FR-FTPC-CY (10/20/30 m) (straight) Processor unit Note: When two memory card interface units are connected via network, change ID code for the second unit.

  • Page 72

    4. INSTALLING OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT DVI-RGB Conversion Kit (for VDR connection) This information provides the procedure necessary for the installation of the DVI-RGB conversion kit. This kit is installed in the processor unit to enable connection of a VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) or RGB monitor to record radar pictures into a VDR. When changing the D-sub 15P of the RGB cable to the BNC connector, use the BNC connector converter described on page 4-17.

  • Page 73

    Remove the top cover and open the upper part of the processor unit. 2. Fix the 03P9229B board (RGB-BUFF) with four screws. (See the figure below.) 3. Attach the connector assemblies to J1 and J3 on the 03P9229B board as follows. J1 13-pin connector of the connector assembly 03-2094 J3 3-pin connector of the connector assembly 03-2093 4.

  • Page 74

    4. INSTALLING OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT DVI-RGB Conversion board Fixing the DVI-RGB conversion board 6. Attach the 10-pin connector from J1 on the 03P9229B board to J9 on the DVI-RGB board. 7. Attach the connector assembly 03-2092 to J4 on the DVI-RGB conversion board. 8.

  • Page 75: Performance Monitor Pm-31, Performance Monitor Pm

    4.4 Performance Monitor PM-31 This kit is installed in the antenna unit of the FAR-2107/2807 series X-band radar to monitor radar performance. Name: Performance monitor Type: PM-31 Code no.: 008-080-438 Name SCANNER COVER ASSY. GREASE SM-XH CONNECTOR ASSY. LIFTING FIXTURE GASKET Procedure To hoist the scanner cover assy.

  • Page 76

    4. INSTALLING OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT View P922 Relay plate Fix the cable. Scanner cover assy Change the chain here. 4-16 Stern side Scanner cover assy Lifting fixture TB board Gasket Bow side How to fix lifting fixture 1.Insert the lifting fixture as shown below.

  • Page 77: Bnc Connector Converter

    4.5 BNC Connector Converter To connect the VR-5000 (FURUNO Voyage Data Recorder) to this radar, the DVI-RGB conversion kit (mentioned at previous paragraph) and the BNC connector converter are required. Also VGA cable (between the processor unit and the BNC connector converter) and five 75 ohms coaxial cables (between the BNC connector converter and VR-5000) are required.

  • Page 78: Junction Box

    4. INSTALLING OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT 4.6 Junction Box If the length of the antenna cable is more than 100 m, the optional junction boxes are required. These boxes should be mounted at the location protected because its waterproofing is IPX3. Antenna unit RW-9600 (Max 15 m) Junction box...

  • Page 79

    Cable fabrication RW-9600 Vinyl sheath DPYC-6 and TTYC-4 DPYC-6: approx. 130 TTYCY-4: approx. 150 Armor Taper for unused wires. Vinyl sheath RG-12/UY Vinyl sheath 4. INSTALLING OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT approx. 450 Shield Armor Pull out inner cables from here. 14 5 9 Shield Coaxial cable Crimp on lug for M8...

  • Page 80

    4. INSTALLING OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Connection Insert each cable to the cable gland as follows. Cable gland Flat washer Vinyl sheath Gasket Clamping gland Cut and trim armor. Connect each cable cores to the terminal board, referring to the interconnection diagram on next page.

  • Page 81

    Antenna unit Junction box 03P9349 RW-9600 TB801 TX-HV N.C. RED[B] ORG[B] 24V_PLUS YEL[B] 24V_MINUS BLU[B] MOTOR(+) GLY[B] MOTOR(+) PPL[B] MOTOR(-) WHT[B] MOTOR(-) SPU_RF_D_A SPU_RF_D_B RF_SPU_D_A RF_SPU_D_B GRN[B] SIG-GND TB802 COAX IF_VIDEO Clamp with cable-clamp 4. INSTALLING OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Junction box DPYCY-6 DPYCY-6 DPYCY-6...

  • Page 82

    4. INSTALLING OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT This page is intentionally left blank. 4-22...

  • Page 83: Input/output Data

    5. INPUT/OUTPUT DATA Input and output data are shown in the table below. Note: This radar accepts position data fixed by WGS-84 geodetic datum only. Set the datum to WGS-84 on the EPFS (GPS, etc.) connected to this radar. If other type of datum is input, the error message "DATUM"...

  • Page 84

    5. INPUT/OUTPUT DATA IEC 61162 input sentence and priority Contents Speed (STW) Speed (SOG) Speed (position) Heading (True) Position Datum Waypoint Route Date Depth Temperature Wind Set and Drift ALARM ACK IEC 61162 output sentence Contents Target L/L Radar system data Own ship data TT target data ALARM data...

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    D-13 esumi 電子署名者 : esumi DN: cn=esumi, c=JP - 日本, o=kisou, ou=toukatu, 日付 : 2007.12.26 17:43:45 +09'00'...

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    BREAK UNIT BRU-001/002 スイッチング ハブ 防水型カードインターフェイス SWITCHING HUB MEMORY CARD I/F UNIT HUB-100 (8 PORTS) CU-200 保護アース PE IV-1.25sq. IV-1.25sq.*1 *5 DRAWN TYPE FAR-2117/2127/2817/2827 (AC SET) T.YAMASAKI 26/Sep/08 CHECKED 名 称 船舶用レーダー/ARPA T.TAKENO 26/Sep/08 APPROVED 相互結線図 8/Oct/08 R.Esumi SCALE MASS...

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    BRU-001/002 スイッチング ハブ 防水型カードインターフェイス SWITCHING HUB MEMORY CARD I/F UNIT HUB-100 (8 PORTS) CU-200 保護アース PE IV-1.25sq. IV-1.25sq. *1 *5 DRAWN TYPE FAR-2117/2127/2817/2827 (DC SET) T.YAMASAKI 26/Sep/08 CHECKED 名 称 船舶用レーダー/ARPA T.TAKENO 26/Sep/08 APPROVED 相互結線図 8/Oct/08 R.Esumi SCALE MASS NAME MARINE RADAR/ARPA DWG.No.

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Far-2117-bb, Far-2127, Far-2127-bb, Far-2817, Far-2827

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