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Prepare Drain Plumbing - GE CDWT980RSS - Cafe 24" Tall Tub Dishwasher Installation Instructions Manual

Built-in dishwasher
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Installation Preparation–Drain


Drain Requirements
• Drain hose must not exceed 10 feet in length.
• A high drain loop or air gap is required. See below.
Drain Method
The type of drain installation depends on the following:
• Do local codes or ordinances require an air gap?
• Is waste tee less than 18" above the fl oor?
If the answer to either question is yes, an air gap must be used.
Refer to Method 1 (Figure C) in the adjacent illustrations.
If both answers are no, either an air gap or high drain loop may
be used. Refer to Method 1 (Figure C) or Method 2 (Figure D)
in the adjacent illustrations
NOTE: Drain hose elevation must not exceed 48".
Special consideration for a dishwasher installed on
a elevated platform
lf the dishwasher is installed on an elevated platform, a high
drain loop of at least 32" above the platform must be provided
in addition to the air gap or drain loop requirement determined
above. This is necessary for proper drain performance.
An air gap MUST BE USED if the drain hose is connected to
waste tee or disposer lower than 18" above the floor level.
Failure to provide the proper drain connection height with
an air gap or 32" minimum, high drain loop will result in
improper draining of the dishwasher, which may cause
SE DEBE USAR un espacio de aire si la manguera
de drenaje se conecta a la T de desechos o al triturador
menos de 18" por encima del nivel del piso. No disponer
la altura correcta de la conexión del drenaje con
un espacio de aire o 32" de mínimo, una curva alta
de drenaje resultará en un drenaje incorrecto
de la lavadora, lo que pude causar daños.
METHOD 1–Air Gap with Waste Tee or Disposer
Waste Tee Installation
METHOD 2–High Drain Loop with Waste Tee
or Disposer
Use the drain hose hanger included in the installation kit to
attach the drain hose to the underside of the countertop.
Attachment will be made in a later step.
Waste Tee Installation
Install waste tee or disposer and the air gap according to the
manufacturer's instructions.
Cabinet Preparation for drain line
Drill a 1-1/2" diameter hole in the cabinet wall within the
shaded area shown in Figure A for the drain hose. Make
sure there are no sharp edges. The drain hose will be passed
through this hole and connected to the drain in a later step.
– When
connecting the drain line to a
disposer, check to be sure that
drain plug has been removed.
Dishwasher will not drain if
plug is left in place.
Figure C
Disposer Installation
Figure D
Disposer Installation

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents