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Step 20 - Dishwasher Wet Test; Step 22 - Install Sound Upgrade Kit If Equipped - GE CDWT980RSS - Cafe 24" Tall Tub Dishwasher Installation Instructions Manual

Built-in dishwasher
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Table of Contents
Dishwasher Installation
Turn on power supply (or plug power cord into outlet,
if equipped).
Start the unit to check for leaks.
Front-Mount Control Models:
– Close & latch door
– Push RINSE ONLY pad
– Push START/RESET pad one time
Top-Mount Control Models:
– Push RINSE ONLY pad
– Push START/RESET pad one time
– Close & latch door
Check to be sure that water enters the dishwasher. If water
does not enter the dishwasher, check to be sure that water
and power are turned on.
Check for leaks under the dishwasher. If a leak is found, turn
off power supply, then tighten connections. Restore power
after leak is corrected.
Check for leaks around the door. A leak around the door
could be caused by door rubbing or hitting against
adjacent cabinet. Reposition the dishwasher if necessary.
See Steps 13, 14 and 15.
The dishwasher will drain and turn off about 5 minutes after
it was started. Check drain lines. If leaks are found, turn off
power supply and correct plumbing as necessary. Restore
power after corrections are made. See Step 10
and 17.
Open dishwasher door and make sure most of the water
has drained. If not, check to be sure disposer plug has been
removed and/or air gap is clear. See Step 17. Also check
drain line to be sure it is not kinked.
Run the dishwasher through another "Rinse Only" cycle.
Check for leaks and correct if required.
STEP 21 – Set Water Hardness
Models with bulk dispenser only. Skip this step if your
dishwasher does not have the bulk dispense feature.
• Locate the hard water test strip set aside in Step 1.
• Remove strip from package.
• Turn on the hot water and hold the strip under the stream,
following the directions on the package.
• Use the value on the test strip to calibrate your dishwasher
for water hardness. Refer to the section titled "Water
Hardness Calibration" in your Owner's Manual for information
on how to calibrate your dishwasher.
Skip this step if your model does not have the
Sound Upgrade Kit.
• Locate sound upgrade kit set aside in Step 1 and the two
screws set aside in Step 6.
• Attach the plastic Sound Panel as shown in Figure LL using
the two screws. The lower set of mounting holes should be
• Be sure the sound panel is seated in the notches on frame
as shown in Figure JJ.
Be sure that the sound panel
is seated in the notch in
the frame. (Both sides)
Figure JJ
Sound panel is
located under
door panel.

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Table of Contents

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