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ABB Terra AC Installation Manual

ABB Terra AC Installation Manual

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Installation manual
Terra AC(UL 80A)
Copyright ABB. All rights reserved


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Installation manual Terra AC(UL 80A) Copyright ABB. All rights reserved ©...
  • Page 2 Copyright All rights to copyrights, registered trademarks, and trademarks reside with their respective owners. Copyright ® ABB EV Infrastructure. All rights reserved.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Overview of the EVSE, outside ..........13 Options ..................... 15 2.6.1 Display ..................15 2.6.2 EV charge cable, Type 1 (North America, Terra AC Wx-Px-xxxxx) ...... 15 2.6.3 3G/4G Communication ..............15 2.6.4 Load management ................15 Control elements ..................16 LED indicators ....................
  • Page 4 Signs on the EVSE ..................24 Discard the EVSE or parts of the EVSE .............. 25 Safety instructions for earthing ..............25 3.10 Special safety instructions (North America, Terra AC Wx- Px-xxxxx) ........ 25 3.10.1 Additional important safety instructions ..........25 Installation ..............27 General installation procedure ................
  • Page 5 Ambient conditions ..................44 10.4 Mass ......................44 10.5 Protective device compliance ................44 10.5.1 Protective device compliance (North America, Terra AC Wx-Px- xxxxx) ....44 10.6 Parts included in the delivery ................45 10.7 Requirements for the wall ................45 10.8 Noise level ....................
  • Page 6: About This Document

    About this document Function of this document The document is only applicable for this EVSE (Terra AC), including the variants and options listed in section 11.1. The EVSE from here on in the document is referred to as the EVSE.
  • Page 7: General Symbols And Signal Words

    About this document General symbols and signal words Signal word Description Symbol Danger If you do not obey the Refer to section instruction, this can 1.10 cause injury or death Warning If you do not obey the Refer to section instruction, this can 1.10.
  • Page 8: Special Symbols For Warnings And Dangers

    1.12 Manufacturer and contact data Manufacturer ABB EV Infrastructure George Hintzenweg 81 3068 AX, Rotterdam The Netherlands Contact data The local representative of the manufacturer can give you support on the EVSE. You can find the contact data here:
  • Page 9: Abbreviations

    About this document 1.13 Abbreviations Abbreviation Definition Alternating current Controller area network Combined charging system CHAdeMo Charge de Move Central processing unit Direct current Electromagnetic compatibility Electric vehicle EVSE Electric vehicle supply equipment Measuring Instruments Directive Near field communication NoBo Notified body OCPP Open charge point protocol...
  • Page 10: Orientation Agreements

    About this document Term Definition Contractor Third party that the owner or site operator hires to do engineering, civil and electrical installation work Grid provider Company that is responsible for the transport and dis- tribution of electricity Local rules All rules that apply to the EVSE during the entire lifecy- cle of the EVSE.
  • Page 11: Description

    Description Short description The EVSE (Terra AC) is an AC charging station that you can use to supply electricity to an EV. The Terra AC offers tailor-made, intelligent and network charging solutions for your company or home. The EVSE can connect to the internet via GSM, WiFi or LAN.
  • Page 12: Working Principle

    Description Serial number Barcode with the part number of the EVSE Part number of the EVSE Power rating of the EVSE Product model number Ambient temperature Barcode with the serial number of the Mass of the EVSE EVSE Note: The data in the illustration is only an example. Find the type plate on your EVSE to see the applicable data.
  • Page 13: Overview

    Description Overview 2.5.1 Overview of the system EVSE RFID card or smartphone AC grid input Structure to install the EVSE Parking space EV charge cable Part Function EVSE Refer to section 2.2. Structure To install the EVSE on and to keep the EVSE in position.
  • Page 14 Description Cabinet cover Socket for the EV charge cable Enclosure RFID reader Openings for the smart Type plate meter connections Openings for the Ethernet cable Opening for the AC input cable LED indicators Part Function Socket for the EV To hang the EV charge cable charge cable Openings Openings for the cables that go into the EVSE...
  • Page 15: Options

    Options 2.6.1 Display Display For more data about the display, refer to section 2.10. 2.6.2 EV charge cable, Type 1 (North America, Terra AC Wx-Px-xxxxx) 2.6.3 3G/4G Communication You can connect to a 3G/4G network. 2.6.4 Load management Load management makes sure that the available capacity of the building or home is not exceeded.
  • Page 16: Control Elements

    Description Control elements LED indicators Error LED Internet connection Charging LED Cable and car detection, and EVSE on/off LED car authorization LED Table 1: Error LED Status of the LED Status of the EVSE Error No error Table 2: Charging LED Status of the LED Status of the EVSE EV is fully charged or has stopped...
  • Page 17: Terraconfig App To Do The Commissioning

    Description Table 3: Cable and car detection, and car authorization LED Status of the LED Status of the EVSE A car is connected. The connection is authorized. No car connected. Flashing A car is connected, waiting for authorization. Table 4: Internet connection LED Status of the LED Status of the EVSE Connected to the internet...
  • Page 18: Standby/Idle Screen

    Description 2.9.2 Standby/Idle screen 30.07.2020 10:30 325.634,622 Total : TACW2240120G4567 00.55.19 SN : Total delivered energy Serial number Firmware version (MID certified) Date Guide The display shows the Standby/Idle screen when the EVSE is in idle status. Then, the EVSE is available for a charge session. 2.9.3 Authorization screen The display shows different Authorization screens, dependent on the situation.
  • Page 19: Preparing To Charge Screen

    Description 2.9.4 Preparing to charge screen 325.637,622 30.07.2020 10:30 Total : TACW2240120G4567 00.55.19 2.9.5 Charging screen The display shows the Charging screen during the charge session. The display shows this Charging screen for a single phase EVSE: Real-time voltage and Energy deliverd and duration of current the charge session...
  • Page 20: Charging Completed Screen

    Description 2.9.6 Charging completed screen 30.07.2020 09:35 325.637,622 Total : 30.07.2020 07:30 - 30.07.2020 09:29 23,122 02:59 TACW2240120G4567 00.55.19 Start and end time Energy delivered and duration of the charge session 2.9.7 Fault detected screen The display shows different Fault detected screens, dependent on the type of fault.
  • Page 21 Description 30.07.2020 10:30 325.637,622 Total : TACW2240120G4567 00.55.19 SN :...
  • Page 22: Safety

    Safety Safety Liability The manufacturer is not liable to the purchaser of the EVSE or to third parties for damages, losses, costs or expenses incurred by the purchaser or third parties if any target group mentioned in the related documents does not obey the rules below: Obey the instructions in the related documents.
  • Page 23: Fcc Compliance Statement

    Safety Symbol Description Safety shoes Safety glasses FCC compliance statement Caution: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference...
  • Page 24: Signs On The Evse

    Safety you are qualified for. Obey the local rules and the instructions in this manual. If the local rules contradict the instructions in this manual, the local rules will apply. If and to the extent permitted by law, in case of inconsistency or contradiction, between any requirements or procedure contained in this document and any such local rules, obey the stricter between the requirements and procedures specified in this document and the local...
  • Page 25: Discard The Evse Or Parts Of The Evse

    Make sure that the connections to the EVSE comply with all applicable local rules. 3.10 Special safety instructions (North America, Terra AC Wx- Px-xxxxx) 3.10.1 Additional important safety instructions Warning: Obey the basic precautions for electric products, including the instructions in this section.
  • Page 26 Safety • Make sure that adults supervise this EVSE is when it is used around children. • Do not put fingers into the EV connector. • Do not use this product if the flexible power cord or EV charge cable is frayed, has broken insulation, or any other signs of damage.
  • Page 27: Installation

    6. Do an inspection of the EVSE and the parts for installation for damage. 7. If you find damage or the parts are not according to the order, contact the local representative of the manufacturer (ABB EV Infrastructure). Refer to section 1.12.
  • Page 28: Site Preparation

    2. Make sure that the correct power supply is available. For the power supply specifications, refer to section 10.10. 3. Obey the space requirements. Refer to section 10.9.2. Prepare the site (North America, Terra AC Wx-Px-xxxxx) Preliminary requirements The site must be suitable to install the EVSE. Refer to section 5.2.
  • Page 29: Mechanical Installation

    If you want to mount the EVSE on a different type of wall, contact your local representative of the manufacturer (ABB EV Infrastructure). 1. Prepare the holes for the mounting screws. Refer to section 6.2.
  • Page 30: Move The Socket

    Mechanical installation Move the socket Preliminary requirements The plugs for the • Screwdriver mounting screws are installed. Procedure 1. Remove 2 screws and remove the front cover. 2. Remove 11 screws and remove the maintenance door. 3. Remove the screw(A) on the left side of socket.
  • Page 31: Electrical Installation

    Electrical installation Electrical installation General electrical installation procedure Preliminary requirements • Procedure 1. Install the AC input cable. • Insert the AC input cable. Refer to section 7.2. • Connect the AC input cable. Refer to section 7.3. 2. Install the Ethernet cable. •...
  • Page 32: Install The Lugs Or Cold-Pressed Terminal For L1,L2

    Electrical installation 7.2.2 Install the lugs or cold-pressed terminal for L1,L2 Lugs Preliminary requirements • Torque Screwdriver • AC input cable (1 phase) • Lugs. Refer to section 10.6. • Procedure 1. Loosen the screws(A) 2. Strip the wires. For the specification, refer to section 10.12.1..
  • Page 33: Insert The Ac Input Cable

    Electrical installation 7.2.3 Insert the AC input cable Preliminary requirements • Screwdriver • AC input cable Procedure 1. Remove the grommet (A) from the EVSE. 2. Install the conduit. 3. Strip the wires. For the specification, refer to section 10.13. 4.
  • Page 34: Connect The Ac Input Cable

    Electrical installation Connect the AC input cable Preliminary requirements • Torque screwdriver • AC input cable (1 phase) Procedure 4. Connect the below wires: 1. Earthing (grounding) wire 2. L2 AC input wire (B) 3. L1 AC input wire (C) 5.
  • Page 35: Connect The Ethernet Cable

    Electrical installation 7.4.2 Connect the Ethernet cable Preliminary requirements The Ethernet cable is inserted. Refer to section 7.4.1. If your EVSE has two Ethernet connections, it is possible to connect multiple EVSEs in a chain. Only the first EVSE is connected to the PC, router or gateway. Only the Ethernet connection is shared, there is no communication between the EVSEs.
  • Page 36: Connect The Wires For The Smart Meter Communication

    Electrical installation 7.4.4 Connect the wires for the smart meter communication Connect the smart meter with ModBus RTU (RS485) to the EVSE. Preliminary requirements • Slotted screwdriver • Smart meter with ModBus RTU interface • Wire for RS485. Refer to section 10.12.3.
  • Page 37: Commissioning

    Commissioning Commissioning General commissioning procedure Preliminary requirements • Mobile device Warning: Only use this commissioning procedure for domestic use of the TerraConfig EVSE and commissioning with the app. For all other methods of commissioning, do not do the commissioning. Contact your local representative of the manufacturer.
  • Page 38: Energize The Evse

    Commissioning TerraConfig 1. Download the app. • For an Android OS mobile device, go to Google Play Store. • For an iOS mobile device, go to Apple Store. 2. Energize the EVSE. Refer to section 8.2. 3. Set up the EVSE. Refer to section 8.3. Energize the EVSE 1.
  • Page 39: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting procedure 1. Try to find a solution for the problem with the aid of the information in this document. 2. If you cannot find a solution for the problem, contact your local representative of the manufacturer. Refer to section 1.12. Troubleshooting table Problem Possible cause...
  • Page 40 Troubleshooting Problem Possible cause Possible solution There seems to be There is residual current in 1. De-energize the EVSE. Refer residual current in the charging circuit. to section 10.3. the charging circuit 2. Contact your local representa- tive of the manufacturer or a qualified electrical contractor.
  • Page 41: Energize The Evse

    Troubleshooting Problem Possible cause Possible solution The EV charge cable is de- 1. Examine the EV charge cable. fective. 2. If the standard supplied EV charge cable is defective, re- place the EV charge cable. Re- fer to section 7.5.2. The EV connection The EV charge cable is de- 1.
  • Page 42: Technical Data

    Metering Certified for MID (only with display) Not certified for SIM slot Display Example Terra AC W7-P8-RD-MCD-0 • A1 = Brand name = Terra AC • A2 = Type = Wallbox • A3 = 7, Power output = 7.4 kW...
  • Page 43: General Specifications

    Technical data • A4 = Cable type, cable = Type 1 • A5 = 8 m • A6 = authorization = RFID enabled • A7 = Ethernet = double • A8 = metering = Certified for MID • A9 = SIM slot = applicable •...
  • Page 44: Ambient Conditions

    Weight [kg] Terra AC wallbox, Type 1 (North America, Terra AC Wx-Px-xxxxx) 12.7(80A) 10.5 Protective device compliance 10.5.1 Protective device compliance (North America, Terra AC Wx-Px- xxxxx) Requirements Specifications Dedicated upstream protection de- Breaker vice(s) EVSE internal Ground Fault Protection...
  • Page 45: Parts Included In The Delivery

    Technical data 10.6 Parts included in the delivery Parameter Specification EVSE Refer to the type plate. Refer to section 2.3. Mounting screws M6 x 80 Plugs for mounting screws 10x 100 mm (servicable for a brick wall) Installation template Size for conduit 1’’...
  • Page 46: Dimensions

    Technical data 10.9 Dimensions 10.9.1 AC input with EV charge cable Width of the EVSE Height of the EVSE Depth of the EVSE Parameter Value [mm]...
  • Page 47: General Specifications

    Technical data 10.9.2 Space requirements for installation EVSE Parameter Specification [mm] Specification [inches] > 200 > 8 Z2 (indoor use) 450 to 1200 18 to 48 Z2 (outdoor use) 600 to 1200 24 to 48 10.10 AC input specifications 10.10.1 General specifications Parameter Specification...
  • Page 48: Ac Input With Ev Charge Cable

    Technical data 10.11 General logic interface specifications Parameter Specification Connectivity Mobile communication with Nano-SIM socket type M2M (Machine To Machine) • 2G (GSM) • 3G (WCDMA) • 4G (LTE) Smart meter communication Modbus RTU (RS485) Modus TCP/IP Ethernet 1x 10/100 BaseT, RJ45 Socket Extra ethernet (daisy chain) 1x 10/100 BaseT, RJ45 Socket WiFi (WAN)
  • Page 49: Space Requirements For Installation

    Technical data 10.12.2 Ethernet cable specifications Parameter Specification EVSE connector type RJ45 Modular jack Cable type Category 5 (Cat 5) 10.12.3 RS485 cable specifications The RS485 cable specifications apply to smart meter ModBus RTU communication. Parameter Specification Connector type for the EV charging sta- Terminal block plug and screws tion Conductor type...
  • Page 50: Ac Input Cable

    Technical data Required torque 0.5 Nm Parameter Specifications Strip length 5 mm Terminal connections • PE/Shield: Contact input terminal 1 or 2 • Configuration input: Contact input terminal 2 or 1 Wire AWG and cross section: based on a copper wire type 10.12.5 Dry contacts output The dry contacts input is the single contact in the EVSE.
  • Page 51: Ethernet Cable Specifications

    Technical data 10.14 Torque specifications Parameter Specification [Nm] Terminal block for the AC input Terminal block for the communication wires and the smart meter connections Terminal block for the EV charge cable Mounting screws...

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