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Terra AC
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  • Page 1 User manual Terra AC © Copyright ABB. All rights reserved - DRAFT...
  • Page 2 Copyright All rights to copyrights, registered trademarks, and trademarks reside with their respective owners. ® Copyright ABB EV Infrastructure. All rights reserved. BCM.V3Y00.0-EN | 002 - DRAFT...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Display........................16 2.6.2 EV charge cable, Type 2..................16 2.6.3 Socket, Type 2......................16 2.6.4 EV charge cable, Type 1 (North America, Terra AC Wx-P8-xxxxx)....17 2.6.5 Load management ....................17 Control elements........................18 2.7.1 LED indicators......................18 Description of the mobile app for the EVSE ..............19 2.8.1...
  • Page 4 Discard the EVSE or parts of the EVSE................30 3.11 Special safety instructions (North America, Terra AC Wx-P8-xxxxx)......31 3.11.1 Important safety instructions (North America, Terra AC Wx-P8-xxxxx)..31 Operation....................32 Prepare before use........................32 Energize the EVSE........................32 Connect the EVSE with the mobile app................32 Start a charge session......................
  • Page 5 AC input specifications......................45 7.7.1 General specifications................... 45 7.7.2 AC input specifications (Europe).................45 7.7.3 AC input specifications (North America, Terra AC Wx-P8-xxxxx)....45 AC output specifications....................... 46 7.8.1 AC output specifications (Europe)..............46 7.8.2 AC output specifications (North America, Terra AC Wx-P8-xxxxx)....46 Specific power consumption specifications..............
  • Page 6: About This Document

    About this document About this document Function of this document The document is only applicable for this EVSE (Terra AC), including the variants and options listed in section 7.1. The document gives the information that is necessary to do these tasks: •...
  • Page 7: Typographical Conventions

    About this document Typographical conventions The lists and steps in procedures have numbers (123) or letters (abc) if the sequence is important. How to use this document 1. Make sure that you know the structure and contents of this document. 2.
  • Page 8: Special Symbols For Warnings And Dangers

    About this document Signal word Description Symbol Make sure that the power supply to the EVSE is disconnected. Electrotechnical expertise is required, according to the local rules. Alternating current supply Note: It is possible that not all symbols or signal words are present in this document.
  • Page 9: Manufacturer And Contact Data

    About this document You can find all related documents here: ac-wallbox. 1.12 Manufacturer and contact data Manufacturer ABB EV Infrastructure Garage Hintzenweg 81 3068 AX, Rotterdam The Netherlands Contact data The local representative of the manufacturer can give you support on the EVSE. You can find the contact data here:
  • Page 10: Orientation Agreements

    About this document Term Definition Contractor Third party that the owner or site operator hires to do engineering, civil and electrical installation work Grid provider Company that is responsible for the transport and dis- tribution of electricity Local rules All rules that apply to the EVSE during the entire lifecy- cle of the EVSE.
  • Page 11: Description

    Description Short description The EVSE (Terra AC) is an AC charging station that you can use to supply electricity to an EV. The Terra AC offers tailor-made, intelligent and network charging solutions for your company or home. The EVSE can connect to the internet via GSM, WiFi or LAN.
  • Page 12: Type Plate (North America, Terra Ac Wx-P8-Xxxxx)

    Reference to the manual Note: The data in the illustration is only an example. Find the type plate on your EVSE to see the applicable data. Refer to section 2.5.2. Type plate (North America, Terra AC Wx-P8-xxxxx) SN: TACW7-[L]-WWYY-zxxxx PN: XXXXXXXXXX...
  • Page 13: Overview

    Description Overview 2.5.1 Overview of the system EVSE RFID card or smartphone AC grid input Structure to install the EVSE on EV charge cable Parking space Part Function EVSE Refer to section 2.2. Structure To install the EVSE on and to keep the EVSE in position.
  • Page 14: Overview Of The Evse, Outside

    Description 2.5.2 Overview of the EVSE, outside Connection for the EV charge cable Cabinet cover Openings for the smart meter Enclosure connections RFID reader Opening for the Ethernet cable Type plate Opening for the AC input cable LED indicators Part Function Connection for the EV To connect the EV charge cable...
  • Page 15: Overview Of The Evse, Inside

    Description 2.5.3 Overview of the EVSE, inside Maintenance cover Smart meter connection Ethernet connection Terminal block for the AC input Socket for a Nano-SIM card Terminal block for the EV charge cable or the socket Part Function Maintenance cover To prevent access to the electrical components of the EVSE Ethernet connection To connect the ethernet cable...
  • Page 16: Options

    Description Options 2.6.1 Display Display 2.6.2 EV charge cable, Type 2 2.6.3 Socket, Type 2 Socket The socket for an EV charge cable Type 2 is available with or without a shutter. BCM.V3Y00.0-EN | 002 - DRAFT...
  • Page 17: Ev Charge Cable, Type 1 (North America, Terra Ac Wx-P8-Xxxxx)

    Description 2.6.4 EV charge cable, Type 1 (North America, Terra AC Wx-P8-xxxxx) 2.6.5 Load management Load management makes sure that the available capacity of the building or home is not exceeded. A number of devices share a grid connection, that has a maximum capacity.
  • Page 18: Control Elements

    Description Control elements 2.7.1 LED indicators Error LED Internet connection LED Charging LED EVSE on/off LED Cable and car detection, and car authorization LED Table 1: Error LED Status of the LED Status of the EVSE Error No error Table 2: Charging LED Status of the LED Status of the EVSE EV is fully charged or has stopped...
  • Page 19: Description Of The Mobile App For The Evse

    Description Table 3: Cable and car detection, and car authorization LED Status of the LED Status of the EVSE A car is connected. The connection is au- torized. No car connected Flashing A car is connected, waiting for authori- zation Table 4: Internet connection LED Status of the LED Status of the EVSE...
  • Page 20: General Description Of The Lay-Out Of The Mobile App

    Description 2.8.1 General description of the lay-out of the mobile app 9:41 My Chargers Bluetooth Connecting TACW224179G4567 Unavailable Functions Statistics Schedule Load Balance Energy Plan Carger Link Card Firmware update Home Start charge Menu title Navigation bars Main screen area Screen part Description Menu title...
  • Page 21: Overview Of The Menus

    Description Button Name / color Description Schedule To go to the schedule menu Energy plan To go to the energy plan menu Load balance To go to the load balance menu Firmware update To go to the upgrade menu Charger link To go to the charger link menu Previous To go to a previous page...
  • Page 22: Overview Of The Error Codes (Europe)

    B and C phase are missing or one of these phases is missing. 2.8.5 Overview of the error codes (North America, Terra AC Wx-P8-xxxxx) If the EVSE detects a problem, the error LED comes on. The mobile app shows the error description.
  • Page 23: Description Of The Display Screens (Option)

    Description Short description Description Missing earth error The EVSE is not earthed correctly. Overheat The charging current is too high. Description of the display screens (option) 2.9.1 Booting screen During the start up of the EVSE, the display shows the Booting screen. 2.9.2 Standby/Idle screen Welcome...
  • Page 24: Preparing To Charge Screen

    Description EV connected 30.07.2020 10:30 Please tap card and authorize 325.637,622 TACW2240120G4567 Total: The display shows this Authorization screen when the charge session is authorized but the EV charge cable is not connected to the EV: Authorized 30.07.2020 10:30 Please connect your vehicle and start charging 325.637,622 TACW2240120G4567...
  • Page 25: Charging Completed Screen

    Description Charging in Process 30.07.2020 10:30 Voltage & Current Power Energy & Duration 231,5 23,122 31,86 325.637,622 TACW2240120G4567 Total: Real-time voltage and current Energy deliverd and duration of the Real-time power charge session The display shows this Charging screen for a 3 phase EVSE: Charging in Process 30.07.2020 10:30 Voltage &...
  • Page 26 Description Fault Detected 30.07.2020 10:30 Oops. something went wrong. You can try: Unplug the connector and plug in again 0x0020 325.637,622 TACW2240120G4567 Total: Fault Detected 30.07.2020 10:30 Oops. something went wrong. Please contact your service provider for further assistance. 0x0010 0x0020 0x0080 325.637,622 TACW2240120G4567...
  • Page 27: Safety

    Safety Safety Liability The manufacturer is not liable to the purchaser of the EVSE or to third parties for damages, losses, costs or expenses incurred by the purchaser or third parties if any target group mentioned in the related documents does not obey the rules below: •...
  • Page 28: Personal Protective Equipment

    Safety • Identify a site operator who is responsible for the safe operation of the EVSE and for the coordination of all work, if the owner does not do these tasks. Personal protective equipment Symbol Description Protective clothing Safety gloves Safety shoes Safety glasses FCC compliance statement...
  • Page 29: General Safety Instructions

    Safety • This EVSE may not cause interference. • This EVSE must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the EVSE. General safety instructions • This document, the related documents and the warnings included do not replace your responsibility to use your common sense when you do work on the EVSE.
  • Page 30: Signs On The Evse

    Safety Signs on the EVSE Symbol Risk type General risk Hazardous voltage that gives risk of electrocution Risk of pinching or crushing of body parts Rotating parts cat can cause a risk of entrapment Sign that means that you must read the manual before you install the EVSE Waste from electrical and electronic equipment Note: It is possible that not all symbols are present on the EVSE.
  • Page 31: Special Safety Instructions (North America, Terra Ac Wx-P8-Xxxxx)

    Safety 3.11 Special safety instructions (North America, Terra AC Wx- P8-xxxxx) 3.11.1 Important safety instructions (North America, Terra AC Wx-P8- xxxxx) Warning: Obey the basic precautions for electric products, including the instructions in this section. Caution: To reduce the risk of fire, connect this EVSE only to a circuit provided with 40 A maximum branch circuit overcurrent protection in accordance with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.
  • Page 32: Operation

    Operation Operation Prepare before use 1. Appoint a site operator and an installation engineer, if these are other persons than you. 2. Make sure that the equipment is installed and commissioned according to the instructions in the installation manual. 3. Make an emergency plan that instructs people what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Page 33: Start A Charge Session

    Operation Start a charge session 4.4.1 EVSE with an EV charge cable Caution: During the charge session, do not disconnect the EV charge cable from the connection on the EV. There is a risk of damage of the connector of the EV. Note: The LEDs show the status of the charge session.
  • Page 34: Evse With A Socket

    Operation 1. Select one of the two ways to end the charge session. • Wait until the charge session is completed. • The mobile app shows that the charge session is completed. • The charging LED is on. • If your EVSE has a display, the display shows that the charge session is completed.
  • Page 35: Wrap The Ev Charge Cable Around The Enclosure

    Operation Wrap the EV charge cable around the enclosure 1. Wrap the EV charge cable around the enclosure. BCM.V3Y00.0-EN | 002 - DRAFT...
  • Page 36: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Maintenance and cleaning Maintenance and cleaning Maintenance schedule Task Frequency Procedure Clean the cabinet cover 4 months Refer to section 7.10. and the enclosure of the EVSE. Do a visual check for dam- Before each use Refer to section 5.3. age on the cabinet.
  • Page 37: Do A Check On The Cabinet

    Maintenance and cleaning Do a check on the cabinet 1. Do a check for damage on these parts: Part Damage Charge cables, outlets and connectors Cracks or ruptures Internal wires of the cable are visible Display Cracks Coating of the cabinet Cracks or ruptures 2.
  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting procedure 1. Try to find a solution for the problem with the aid of the information in this document. 2. If you cannot find a solution for the problem, contact your local representative of the manufacturer. Refer to section 1.12. Troubleshooting table Problem Possible cause...
  • Page 39 Troubleshooting Problem Possible cause Possible solution There is residual current in 1. De-energize the EVSE. Refer the charging circuit. to section 6.3. 2. Contact your local representa- tive of the manufacturer or a qualified electrical contractor. Refer to section 1.12. There is a relay con- The relay contact is over- 1.
  • Page 40: Energize The Evse

    Troubleshooting Problem Possible cause Possible solution The EV charge cable is de- 1. Examine the EV charge cable. fective. 2. If the EV charge cable is de- fective, contact your local rep- resentative of the manufac- turer or a qualified electrical contractor.
  • Page 41: Technical Data

    Not certified SIM slot Display Example Terra AC W7-P8-RD-MCD-0 • A1 = Brand name = Terra AC • A2 = Type = Wallbox • A3 = 22, Power output = 22 kW • A4 = Cable type, socket = Type 2 socket with shutter...
  • Page 42: General Specifications

    Technical data • A5 = not applicable for socket version • A6 = authorization = RFID enabled • A7 = Ethernet = single • A8 = metering = not certified • A9 = SIM slot = applicable • A10 = display = not applicable •...
  • Page 43: Noise Level

    Technical data Parameter Value Storage conditions Indoor, dry Relative humidity <95%, non-condensing Noise level Parameter Specification Noise level Less than 35 dB(A) Dimensions 7.6.1 AC input with socket, cable Type 2 Width of the EVSE Height of the EVSE Depth of the EVSE Distance from the bottom of the Depth of the socket EVSE to the center of the socket.
  • Page 44: Ac Input With Ev Charge Cable

    Technical data 7.6.2 AC input with EV charge cable Width of the EVSE Height of the EVSE Depth of the EVSE Parameter Value [mm] 7.6.3 Space requirements for installation EVSE BCM.V3Y00.0-EN | 002 - DRAFT...
  • Page 45: Ac Input Specifications

    Maximum input power (3 phase) 11 kW (16 A) 22 kW (32 A) 0.25-5 (32) A for MID certified models 7.7.3 AC input specifications (North America, Terra AC Wx-P8-xxxxx) Parameter Specification Input AC power connection 240 V AC Standby power consumption 3.6 W...
  • Page 46: Ac Output Specifications

    Type 2 socket with shutter According to IEC 62196-1, IEC 62196-2 Current for MID certified models 0.25-5(32) A 7.8.2 AC output specifications (North America, Terra AC Wx-P8-xxxxx) Parameter Specification AC output voltage range 110 - 240V AC (1 phase) Connection standard...
  • Page 47 Technical data BCM.V3Y00.0-EN | 002 - DRAFT...

Table of Contents