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Preparing The Commander - Sony RM-TP504 Primary Operating Instructions Manual

Remote commander
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Preparing the Commander

Please be sure to carry out the procedures described in
"Setting up the commander" on page 6 after inserting the
Inserting batteries into the commander
Insert the four size-AA (LR6) alkaline batteries (for
commander operation) and the lithium battery (for
preservation of the commander's internal memory).
Remove the battery compartment cover.
Insert the alkaline batteries.
Size-AA alkaline batteries
Always insert the negative (–) pole
side of batteries first.
Insert the lithium battery.
After wiping the lithium battery thoroughly with a
dry cloth, insert it into the compartment with the
positive (+) pole side facing up.
Coin shaped lithium
battery CR2032
Positive (+) pole side up
Push in direction of
Close the battery compartment cover.
After inserting the batteries, touching the touch panel
turns on the light and displays the touch panel (LCD)
adjustment screen. Follow the procedure on the next page
for touch panel adjustment and initial communication.
You can also use an AC power adapter (not supplied)
instead of the four alkaline batteries.
Connect an AC power adapter (DC 300 mA minimum, 6V)
(not supplied) to the DC input jack on the remote commander
(see 7 on page 10).
Polarity of the plug
Be sure to insert the plug of the AC power adapter fully into
the DC input jack.
If the plug of the AC power adapter is fully inserted, there
may be no problem when you also use batteries. However, if
the plug is not fully inserted and the batteries are also used, it
may cause a malfunction depending on the adapter (or
depending on the plug if the tip is not insulated).
When you are going to use the AC power adapter only for a
long time, it is recommended to remove alkaline batteries.
We recommend the use of Sony AC-E60HG (AC power
• The LCD lights up when touched. The LCD also lights up
when BACK LIGHT/COMMANDER OFF button is pressed.
• VOL +/–, MUTING and SLEEP can be used even when the
LCD is not lit.
• Pressing BACK LIGHT/COMMANDER OFF turns the
backlight on or off. Holding it down for about 2 seconds turns
the LCD off.
• If the commander is not used for 10 seconds, the LCD turns off
automatically (Auto Off function). The Auto Off function can
be changed between 10 and 30 seconds under "Setting the LCD
to turn off automatically" in the SETUP screen (see page 29).

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