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Example: Operating A Cd Player - Sony RM-TP504 Primary Operating Instructions Manual

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Example: Operating a CD Player

This section describes how to operate a CD player
connected to the receiver. Other components can also be
operated in the same way.
For details concerning CD player operation, please refer
to your CD player's operating instructions.
The screens used in the following example are the screens
that appear when using a SONY CD changer with a
CONTROL A1/A1 terminal.
The FUNCTION screen appears.
The receiver's function switches to CD and the CD
screen appears.
Selected maker and
category (see page 23).
• Long titles can be read by touching the scroll icon ( ) to
scroll along the title.
* Only displayed when a Sony CD changer (5/50/200/300/400
CD) or CD player compatible with CD text is connected to the
receiver by a CONTROL A1/A1
Touch ( to start playback.
When the song number or song title is not displayed
Point the commander toward the receiver and touch RELOAD.
Disc title*
Song title*
To operate other functions
Touch SUB or use the JOG DIAL to scroll. Another set of
buttons is displayed and ready for use.
To view the LIST
Touch LIST to view the song titles in a Sony CD changer
(5/50/200/300/400 CD) or MD deck connected by a
CONTROL A1/A1 cord. In this case, the information
must be downloaded from the receiver (see page 24 for
The LIST screen can only be displayed when the
FUNCTION is set to CD or MD/DAT.
• Touch the disc number to start playing that disc.
next to the disc being played.
• Use the JOG DIAL or touch 4 or $ to scroll up or down the list.
• Touch NUMBER to sort in numerical order or touch TITLE to
sort in alphabetical order.
• Touch FUNCTION to return to the FUNCTION screen at any

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