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Sony RM-TP504 Primary Operating Instructions Manual page 29

Remote commander
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Other setup
p Display the current settings on the monitor
The receiver's current sound field and SURROUND
parameters are displayed on the monitor.
Touch ON SCREEN again to return to the SETUP screen.
p Adjusting the position of the touch panel
Adjust the position of the LCD when it shifts from the
normal operating position.
Touch TOUCH PANEL on the SETUP screen.
The TOUCH PANEL ADJUSTMENT screen appears.
Touch the center of each of the 4 dots.
(For details, see "Touch panel adjustment" on page 6.)
"Adjusted" appears in a short while and long beep is
p Setting the LCD to turn off automatically
The LCD backlight can be set to turn off automatically
after operation.
Touch AUTO OFF TIME on the SETUP screen .
The AUTO OFF TIME screen appears.
Touch + or – or scroll the JOG DIAL to set the
desired turn off time.
The turn off time can be set between 10 and 30 seconds
in 1 second intervals.
Touch to EXIT.
To preserve battery life
The turn off time is factory set to 10 seconds. Select a short turn
off time in step 2.
p Changing the function of the POWER button
SYSTEM STANDBY: Switches power of all Sony AV
components off.
POWER ON/OFF: Switches only the receiver on or off.
However, when pressed for more than 3 seconds,
the SYSTEM STANDBY code is output.
p Setting the operation beep sound on or off
A beep can be set to sound or not sound when the touch
panel is touched.
Touch ON (sound) or OFF (no sound) in BEEP: ON
OFF in the SETUP screen.
p Setting the warning alarm on or off
A warning alarm can be set to sound or not sound when a
communication error has occurred.
Touch ON (sound) or OFF (no sound) in ALARM: ON
OFF in the SETUP screen.
p Returning settings to their factory preset
Use this function to erase all memorized settings and
return them to their factory presets.
Please note that once erased, settings cannot be returned.
When carrying out this operation, make sure that the receiver's
power is on, and be sure to point the commander's transmitter/
receiver section toward the display on the receiver.
Touch ALL CLEAR on the SETUP screen.
Touch YES.
auto function (AUTO FUNC)
ON: When a component connected via a CONTROL
A1/A1 cord is played, the power to this unit is
turned on and the function selector is automatically
set for that component.
OFF: When you do not want linked control of
connected components, select [OFF].
When AUTO FUNC does not appear in the display,
use the JOG DIAL to scroll the screen until AUTO
FUNC appears.

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