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Sony RM-TP504 Primary Operating Instructions Manual page 28

Remote commander
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Adjusting the Commander's Operating Environment
Point the remote code receiver section of the
commander toward the receiver/transmitter on the
remote control to be learned.
About 5 cm ~ 15 cm
Press the appropriate button on the remote control
to send the remote control code.
Lightly pressing the button once should be sufficient.
In about 3 to 5 seconds, it is displayed whether
learning was successful or not.
When learning is successful, "Learning OK!" is
displayed, and a mark ( ) will appear next to the
selected box.
When learning is not successful, "Learning Fail.." is
displayed, and 3 seconds later "Please Send Signal" is
displayed again. Please do this procedure again from
step 6.
To erase the learned code
After step 7, touch "Clear" and the display changes to
"Clear?". If "Yes" is touched at this time, the newly
learned code is erased. If "No" is touched, the code is not
erased, and the commander returns to its previous
You can test the learned code
Touch "TEST" after "Learning OK" is displayed in step 7. The
learned code is sent from the commander, and if correct, the
operation corresponding to the learned code is performed.
You can make a name of up to 14 characters for the learned
Touch name input buttons as displayed in step 4 to enter the
• Normally, in the areas from A to J, there is a total of 80 BOX
Numbers that can be used with the Learning function.
However, depending on the signals of the codes being learned,
it may not be possible for the commander to store codes for all
80 BOX Numbers.
• To learn commands such as volume, fast-forward, rewind (etc.)
that are generally performed by continuously pressing the
button, press and hold the button until "Learning OK" appears
in step 7. For other commands such as play, pause, and stop
(etc.) where continuously holding the button is not necessary,
learning is usually possible by pressing the button once.
• Some remote control codes cannot be learned.

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