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Sony RM-TP504 Primary Operating Instructions Manual page 25

Remote commander
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Macro Play setting
The Macro Play function lets you link several IR codes in
sequential order as a single command. The following is an
example of how to set the command "POWER" for SONY
VTR 1 in BOX 2 of MACRO 1. Set other commands in a
similar manner.
Touch SETUP.
The SETUP screen appears.
Touch MACRO.
The setting screen for Macro Play appears.
Select the MACRO Number.
Select MACRO 1, MACRO 2 or MACRO 3 in which
you want to register the macro program. For example,
select MACRO 1.
The BOX Number list appears.
Select the BOX Number.
Select the BOX Number you want to register the
command. You can program up to 10 commands in
one area.
The CATEGORY list appears.
Select the CATEGORY.
Select the component category for the BOX Number
you selected in step 4.
The MAKER list appears according to the category
you selected.
When the maker is Sony only, go to step 7.
You can select "WAIT TIME"other than audio
components as the CATEGORY.

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