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Adjusting Sound Fields - Sony RM-TP504 Primary Operating Instructions Manual

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Adjusting Sound Fields

Set up the SOUND FIELD screen menus to fully enjoy the
surround sound created by the sound fields.
On the EQ EDIT screen, adjust the frequency bands of
front, center and rear speakers of the equalizer preset (EQ
PRESET 1~5) that you selected on the EQ BANK screen.
Adjust various aspects of individual sound fields on the
SURROUND screen. The settings are stored individually
for each sound field.
Adjust the output level of each speaker and perform a
variety of other adjustments to control the sound mix on
the LEVEL screen.
CUSTOM allows you to customize other operations that
the receiver performs. For details on what can be adjusted,
refer to the operating instructions supplied with the
Set speaker configuration, size and distance from the main
listening position on the SETUP screen.
Adjusting the frequency bands
Touch EQ EDIT on the SOUND FIELD screen.
The EQUALIZER screen of the equalizer preset
selected in the EQ BANK screen appears.
If EQ OFF is selected in the EQ BANK screen,
EQUALIZER screen items are all grayed out, and edit
functions cannot be performed.
Use the JOG DIAL or touch 4 or $ to scroll through
the list.
Scroll the JOG DIAL to select an item or touch the
item you want to adjust.
Output speaker
BASS: low range
MID: mid range
TREBLE: high range
GAIN: gain adjustment
FREQUENCY: frequency adjustment
RANGE: range adjustment
SLOPE: slope adjustment
Repeat steps 2 through 4 when there is more than
one item that you wish to adjust.
Touch EXIT when adjustment is finished.
• Items that cannot be adjusted due to the current speaker
settings or sound field mode are grayed out.
• If the alarm sounds, or all items appear to be grayed out, touch
The current
EQ BANK number
to adjust to the desired

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