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Sony RM-TP504 Primary Operating Instructions Manual page 30

Remote commander
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Adjusting the Commander's Operating Environment
p Setting the AUTO POWER function
ON: When a video function (DVD, etc.) is selected, the
commander sends numerous codes to the
appropriate Sony AV components. You can select the
preset input for the TV (VIDEO1 ~ VIDEO4) so that
the TV switches to the input after it has been turned
on. You can also set the lag time (1 ~ 9 seconds)* for
the input to switch.
Example) When you select DVD, the following
1 The receiver switches to DVD player operation
2 The TV turns on.
3 The DVD player turns on.
4 The TV automatically selects the preset input.
OFF: When a function is selected, the commander code
applies only to receiver operation.
* Some TVs cannot receive remote control codes immediately
after being turned on. In this case, set the lag time according to
your TV.
p Setting the initial communication
Set whether the initial communication (page 6) between
the commander and the receiver starts after the
commander is turned on.
ON: When the commander is turned on, the initial
communication starts. Once the initial
communication is carried out, the setting
automatically switches to OFF.
OFF: When the commander is turned on, the initial
communication does not start. We recommend
setting to OFF when the commander is away from
the receiver.
Note on initial communication
When you change the initial communication setting from OFF to
ON, be sure to leave the commander until it turns off
automatically. When you turn on the commander again, the
initial communication starts and the commander receives the
model information from the receiver (see page 6).
The model information is cleared when the setting is changed
from OFF to ON. If the above procedure is not completed, the
settings, such as the sound field name, in the commander may
differ from those in the receiver.
p Switching the command mode (COMMAND
When you switch the command mode of the receiver, be
sure to also switch the command mode of the commander.
When the command mode is correctly set, the
transmission is possible between the commander and the
COMMAND AV SYSTEM1: Select when the command
mode of the receiver is AV1.
COMMAND AV SYSTEM2: Select when the command
mode of the receiver is AV2.

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