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Epson Stylus Color 3000 User Manual

Epson stylus color 3000: user guide.
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User's Guide
Printed on recycled paper with at least 10% post-consumer content.


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  • Page 1

    User’s Guide Printed on recycled paper with at least 10% post-consumer content.

  • Page 2

    SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION from the use of any options or any consumable products other than those designated as Original EPSON Products or EPSON Approved Products by SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION tylus are registered trademarks and...

  • Page 3

    User’s Guide. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. They will be available in August of 1997, free of charge, on ’s World Wide Web site at or EPSON by calling (800) 922-8911 and asking for diskettes.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Installing StylusRIP Standalone or Print Server Software 1-2 Preparing for Standalone Installation Installing on a Standalone or Print Server System Installing StylusRIP Client Installing the StylusRIP Software License in Your Printer 1-7 Color Matching PANTONE Color Support ColorSync 2.0 Support...

  • Page 5

    One or more colors are missing in your printout or it prints in black ink only You see a memory or VM error message You see Font not found or Find font error messages You see a Printer cannot be opened or Printer not found error message Index 2-10...

  • Page 6

    ® StylusRIP EPSON ® Stylus ink jet printer into a Level 2 PostScript ® reads the Adobe Level 2 PostScript files you create on your ® ® Apple Macintosh, turns them into raster images, and prints them on your printer.

  • Page 7: Introduction

    EPSON error diffusion software, the same high-quality AcuPhoto non-PostScript printer drivers PANTONE for EPSON Stylus printers using various media at various resolutions—to give you process versions of PANTONE colors when you use PANTONE-licensed applications ColorSync Consortium (ICC) profiles, providing total ICC and ColorSync compatibility for software applications ™...

  • Page 8: Macintosh System Requirements

    Macintosh System Requirements To use the StylusRIP software with a Macintosh in either a standalone or network environment, your system should include: Centris, Quadra, Power Macintosh, Macintosh (standalone only) ™ PowerPC or 68040 CPU At least 16MB of RAM for the StylusRIP software (20MB or more is recommended), in addition to the RAM needed by your operating system and other applications At least 8MB of free hard disk space to install the software...

  • Page 9: Standalone And Network Environments

    Environments If your Macintosh is not connected to a network, you are using it as a “standalone” system, with your EPSON Stylus printer directly connected to your system. Before you install the StylusRIP software, you must set up your printer and test it fully;...

  • Page 10

    You may experience problems if you have more than one printer on the network in a “mixed” configuration. For example, if you have one EPSON Stylus printer connected to a serial port and set up as remote only and another connected via a network interface card on the same network, you cannot set the network/AppleTalk panel for remote only and Ethernet at the same time.

  • Page 11: How To Use Your Manual

    You’ll find this information throughout your manual: Cautions must be observed to avoid damage to your equipment or to ensure proper operation of your software. Notes contain important information about your software or hardware. Tips contain additional hints for printing with EPSON StylusRIP.

  • Page 12: Where To Get Help

    24 hours a day, seven days a week, call Advice at (800) 442-2110. You can purchase ink cartridges, paper, manuals, accessories, and parts from EPSON A sales only). In Canada, please call (800) 873-7766 for dealer referral. If you need help using application software with an product, see the documentation for that program for technical support information.

  • Page 13: World Wide Web

    ® Members of CompuServe can type at the menu GO EPSON prompt to reach CompuServe’s Epson America Forum. As an owner of an product, you are eligible for a free EPSON introductory CompuServe membership, which entitles you to an introductory credit and your own user ID and password.

  • Page 14: Installing The Stylusrip Software

    Carefully follow all the instructions in this chapter to ensure that you install the StylusRIP software correctly. Because you can install the software in only one printer, you must set up and test the printer before you begin. Then you need to set up the Macintosh computer(s) for StylusRIP printing.

  • Page 15: Checking The Printer

    Once the printer is set up and tested fully, you’re ready to install the StylusRIP software on your system. Caution: Don’t install the StylusRIP software until you’ve completely set up and tested your EPSON Stylus printer or the software may not work correctly. Installing StylusRIP Standalone or Print Server Software...

  • Page 16: Preparing For Standalone Installation

    For other configurations, go to “Installing on a Standalone or Print Server System” on the next page. Follow these steps to set up the printer as Remote only: 1. Restart your Macintosh with all extensions turned off except your CD-ROM drive. Then turn on your printer.

  • Page 17: Installing On A Standalone Or Print Server System

    1. Turn on your printer. Then restart your Macintosh with all extensions turned off except your CD-ROM drive. 2. Insert the StylusRIP Disk 1 diskette in a diskette drive and the StylusRIP CD-ROM in a CD-ROM drive.

  • Page 18

    You see the following dialog box: 5. If you want to install the StylusRIP files in a different folder from the one listed as the Destination Folder, click and choose a new one. Then click Folder When all the files are installed, you see a dialog box telling you to restart your Macintosh.

  • Page 19: Installing Stylusrip Client

    When all the files are installed, you see a dialog box telling you to restart your Macintosh. 6. Click Restart The printer drivers and PostScript printer description files are installed on your hard disk drive. folder in the Client Install icon.

  • Page 20: Installing The Stylusrip Software License In Your Printer

    1. At the standalone or print server Macintosh, insert the StylusRIP Disk 1 in the diskette drive. Double-click the icon in the Updater You see a message asking you to verify that the printer is on and working properly. Installing the StylusRIP Software window.

  • Page 21

    3. Make sure your printer model name appears in the box. If it doesn’t appear, click the arrow in the box and select it from the list. If you’re on a network and the printer has a network interface installed, click software can find it for you.

  • Page 22: Color Matching

    Caution: Attach the PostScript logo sticker that came with this software to the top of your printer. Do not place it on the cover. This sticker is important if your printer ever needs repairs. EPSON Customer Care Centers will not be able to service your printer correctly unless it displays the Adobe PostScript logo.

  • Page 23: Pantone Color Support

    Installing the StylusRIP Software PANTONE Color Support PANTONE professional color palette files for the EPSON Stylus series printer are included with StylusRIP. These files can be read directly into PANTONE-licensed applications so you can have printer calibrated versions of PANTONE colors. The colors are calibrated to use StylusRIP’s error diffusion...

  • Page 24: Printing With The Stylusrip Software

    Follow the steps below to set up the StylusRIP Server software the first time you use it. You need to do this for both standalone and network configurations. 1. Turn on the printer and wait to make sure its light comes on and the light is not flashing. Operate (Check your printer documentation for details.)

  • Page 25

    4. Select the printer or modem port if you connected the printer by serial cable. If you connected the printer by a network interface card and use AppleTalk zones, select the printer’s zone and then...

  • Page 26

    Printing with the StylusRIP Software You see the following dialog box: 7. Configure the following preferences for your network: Timeout Sets the time period after which the StylusRIP Server software disconnects from a client Macintosh if there is no response. The default setting is 120 seconds. Network Name The name you selected in the Chooser appears here, but you can change it if you want.

  • Page 27: Starting The Stylusrip Server Software

    To set up the StylusRIP Server software so it starts automatically each time you turn on or restart your Macintosh, see page 2-7. First turn on your printer and the standalone or print server Macintosh. Then follow these steps to start the StylusRIP Server software: 1.

  • Page 28

    If you’re printing over an AppleTalk network and you use zones, select your zone and the printer name. 4. Select the StylusRIP Server listed in the box on the right. The first time you start the StylusRIP Server, you see the...

  • Page 29

    Setup correct PostScript Printer Description (PPD) file and install it in the System Extensions folder. You see a dialog box like the one below displaying the name of your printer: 8. If the name is correct, click Select PPD. to continue.

  • Page 30: Starting The Stylusrip Server Software Automatically

    9. Select your printer from the list. Then confirm the name and click . Close the Chooser when you’re done. Now you’re ready to print a PostScript document from the print server or a client Macintosh. See page 2-8 for instructions.

  • Page 31: Printing From An Application

    When you send a PostScript print job from your application to the StylusRIP Server, it processes the PostScript file into a raster image and prints it on your printer. If you send the job from a client Macintosh on a network, the StylusRIP Client software sends it to the print server Macintosh for processing.

  • Page 32

    5. Select the number of copies, page range, and paper source you want. Then make sure the Destination option is set to Printer If you want to use the “drag and drop” printing method, select instead, and make sure you print to a “PS” (not File EPS) file.

  • Page 33: Setting Print Options

    Setting Print Options The options at the top of the window are standard PostScript. Those at the bottom of the window are specific to StylusRIP and your EPSON Stylus printer. Follow these steps to set the print options: 1. Choose the 2.

  • Page 34

    Media/Resolution media you’re printing on and the resolution (print quality) you want to use. (The Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper at 720 dpi.) See your printer User’s Guide for more information about Media Type and Print Quality settings. 6. Set the...

  • Page 35: Drag And Drop Printing

    Printing with the StylusRIP Software Drag and Drop Printing Drag and drop allows you to print one or more files at a convenient time. You can close your applications, so your Macintosh can print as quickly as possible with the maximum system resources.

  • Page 36: Managing Print Jobs

    Printing with the StylusRIP Software Managing Print Jobs While your job is printing, you see a window like the following: If you don’t see this window, select from the Show window PostScript menu. You can use the Information window to track the progress of your print job.

  • Page 37

    Printing with the StylusRIP Software To turn on Raster Spool Mode, choose from the Preferences File menu of the StylusRIP Server software. Check Raster and click . You must exit and restart the Spool Mode StylusRIP Server software for this mode to take effect. The Monitor starts automatically when you send a print job.

  • Page 38: Troubleshooting

    This chapter describes solutions to some problems you may have with the StylusRIP software. Many problems can be solved by making sure the printer is turned on and properly connected to the print server or network before you start the StylusRIP software, so check these conditions whenever you encounter a problem.

  • Page 39: The Printer Is Producing Many Pages Containing Garbled Characters

    User’s Guide for instructions. See your printer User’s Guide for instructions on cleaning the color print head or on reading your printer’s control panel lights to see if you need to replace the color ink cartridge.

  • Page 40: You See A Memory Or Vm Error Message

    You see a memory or VM error message Possible cause Virtual memory is not turned on. Not enough memory is allocated to the StylusRIP software. Your system needs more memory. You see Font not found or Find font error messages Possible cause You’re allowing Font Substitution in your...

  • Page 41: You See A Printer Cannot Be Opened Or Printer Not Found Error Message

    Troubleshooting You see a Printer cannot be opened or Printer not found error message Possible cause The printer is not turned on. The printer is not completely connected to the StylusRIP standalone or server Macintosh. You’re using an optional LocalTalk or...

  • Page 42: Index

    Color matching, 1-9 to 1-10 ColorSync, 2, 1-9 to 1-10 Customer Care Centers, 7 Download service, 8 Drag and drop printing, 2-12 EPSON Accessories, 7 Customer Care Centers, 7 Download service, 8 Electronic Support Services, 7 to 8 FaxAdvice, 8...

  • Page 43

    1-3 to 1-4 setting up, 2-1 to 2-4 starting software, 2-4 to 2-8 StylusRIP features, 2 StylusRIP Monitor, 2-13 to 2-14 Support, EPSON, 7 to 8 System requirements, 3 Timeout setting, 2-3 Troubleshooting, 3-1 to 3-4 Updater, 1-7 to 1-9...

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