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Acer NV5814U Quick Start Manual page 44

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The printer is not
connected properly
No power is supplied to
the printer
The printer cable is
Your printer is not
installed correctly in
Adding Software and Hardware
In the event you encounter a problem with a new program or hardware, please check the supplied documentation
as well as the manufacturer's website. For support, please contact the manufacturer's hotline. Gateway cannot be
held responsible for any damage caused by adding hardware or software.
Before purchasing new programs, check that they can run on your computer. Each software
program has system requirements, such as the amount of memory or hard drive space
needed to run. These requirements can usually be found printed on the software box or on
the website for the software.
1. Check your computer's specifications
• System Information
Click on Start
> All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System
Information. Select an item and click on the + to display more options.
Note: For a quick overview of your computer's specifications, please read the
model description on your computer's packaging.
2. Installing a program
When you install a new program, first read the instructions included with it as
installation instructions can vary from product to product.
a. Before installing any new program, be sure all other applications are closed.
b. Insert the CD or DVD. Most CDs or DVDs start automatically and display an installation screen. If the disc does
not start automatically:
c. Right-click on the disc's icon and select Explore. Double-click on the Setup (or Install) icon and follow the
on-screen instructions.
3. Uninstalling a program
a. Click on Start
and Features.
b. Select the program you want to uninstall.
c. Click on Uninstall/Change to start the program's uninstall
Quick Start & Troubleshooting Guide
44 -
Check that the cables are securely connected to the printer and computer.
Use a grounded AC power outlet (or power strip). Remember to shut down your
computer and printer before disconnecting or reconnecting any cables.
Plug the printer into a different wall socket.
Restart the computer and printer again and try printing to determine if the previous
socket was faulty.
If you have another printer cable, try using it to determine if your printer cable is
Try reinstalling your printer. See your printer's manual for information about
installing the printer in Windows.
> Control Panel > Programs > Programs

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