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Acer NV5814U Quick Start Manual page 14

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time by clicking on Start
account management, please see the section User Account Control on page 34.
Turning your Computer OFF
Make sure all applications are closed before you turn off your computer. Turning off your computer will ensure that
a data is saved and it will use as little power as possible (there may be a small power drain to charge batteries),
however your computer will take longer to start.
Once the computer has shut down, switch OFF all external devices (such as a printer or monitor) if they have a
power button.
Sleep mode
Click on the Sleep button to save your session and put the computer in a low-power state so that you may quickly
resume working (see the Power Options section on page 15 for details).
Note: You may also put your computer into sleep mode without going to the Windows Start menu. Simply
close all your applications and press the power button.
Forced Shutdown
If your computer doesn't respond, then try using the Task Manager. This
utility provides information about your system's performance and
displays details about programs and processes running on your
To do so, press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously and select Start
Task Manager.
Click on the Applications tab, select the task that you want to end and
click on End Task.
Warning: If your computer still does not respond, press the
computer power button to turn your computer off. Keep this
button pressed until all of the LEDs turn off and wait for
roughly 30 seconds before turning the computer on again.
Quick Start & Troubleshooting Guide
14 -
> Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety. To learn more about user

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Table of Contents

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