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Click on the Customize button in the Notification area section.
Place a tick in the box in front of Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar and then OK.
c. The Networks connection icon indicates if you have a reliable network connection (either wireless or over
a cable).
d. Click on the icon, then select Open Network and Sharing Center to see more information.
2. A connection to the remote site cannot be established.
Try again later or check with your ISP whether the service is available.
3. A pop up message warns you that the page contains errors (e.g. 'the page contains javascript errors').
Simply click on OK to close the message window.
You Cannot Send or Receive Emails
1. You are not connected.
To send and receive emails, you need to be connected to the Internet. Look for the network connection icon at
the lower right part of the Notification Area. Please see "When Surfing the Internet, You Get an Error Message"
on page 42.
2. Your ISP or that of your recipient is having technical difficulties.
Try again later or check with your ISP whether the service is available.
3. Using several ISPs or email accounts can cause problems.
Check that you have selected the correct ISP for the account you are attempting to use.
4. Your Internet account settings may have been changed.
a. Disconnect from the Internet: Close Windows Mail and any other applications.
b. Check your connection details (username, password, server phone number, email address, etc.) and
restore your Internet settings, following the procedure given by your ISP.
5. You have sent a message but and get an error message in reply.
a. Check the spelling of your recipient's email address.
b. Check with your recipient that the email address is still valid.
A printer may have been provided when you purchased your computer, or you may have
purchased one later. Make sure you follow the installation instructions provided with the
My printer does not work
The guidelines below cover the most common types of problems encountered with printers. Please read your
printer's manual for specific instructions. Should you need further assistance, please contact the manufacturer of
your printer.
The printer is OFF
The printer is OFF Line
The printer is out of
The paper is jammed
The printer has
generated an error
Switch the printer ON
Press the printer's on line button
Add paper
See your printer's user's guide for information about clearing paper jams.
See your printer's manual for information about resolving error messages.
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Table of Contents

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