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Social Networks (Optional); First Steps On The Net; Protecting Your Computer; Choose An 'Internet Service Provider - Acer NV5814U Quick Start Manual

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Social Networks (optional)

The Social Networks application allows you to quickly view your friends' updates, and make
your own updates without leaving the desktop. You can recieve notifications and status
updates directly to your desktop, using the sidebar to monitor multiple social networks (e.g.
Facebook, YouTube and Flickr).
Note: The Social Networks application is a pre-installed option and may not be installed
on certain computers.
Log in or Sign up
Click the icon of the social network that you want to use and click Login if you already have an
account. If you do not have an account, click Sign Up and follow the instructions.
Note: All social activities require Internet access. Make sure you are connected to the
Internet before using this application.

Protecting your computer

It is vital to protect your computer from viruses and attacks over the Internet (see Internet Security Offer on page
16 and Security on page 29). An comprehensive Internet security program is proposed when you first start your
computer. You should activate this protection as soon as possible, certainly before you connect to the Internet.

Choose an 'Internet Service Provider'

Using the Internet has become a natural part of daily computing. Just a few simple steps can
connect you to a vast collection of knowledge and communication tools. To accomplish
these steps you should first select an Internet Service Provider (ISP), which supplies the
connection between your computer and the Internet. You should research the ISPs available
in your region, not forgetting to talk to friends and family about their experiences or to
check reviews and consumer reports. The ISP you select will provide instructions on how to
connect to the Internet (you may need additional software or a special 'box' that connects
to your phone line).
Connection Types
Depending on your computer model, your location and your communication needs, you have several ways to
connect to the Internet.
Some computers include a telephone dial-up ('modem') connector. This allows you to connect to the Internet using
your telephone line. With a dial-up connection, you cannot use the modem and the telephone simultaneously on a
single phone line. This type of connection is recommended only if you have limited use of the Internet as the
connection speed is low and connection time is typically charged per hour.
DSL (e.g. ADSL)
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is an 'always-on' connection that runs over the phone line. As DSL and phone do not
use the same frequencies, you can use your telephone at the same time you are connected to the Internet (this
requires a 'micro-filter' on each telephone socket to avoid interference). To be eligible for DSL, you must be located
near an DSL-equipped phone exchange (service is sometimes unavailable in rural areas). Connection speeds vary
depending on your location, but DSL generally provides very fast and reliable Internet connection. As the
connection is always-on, it is generally charged at fixed monthly rates.
Note: A DSL connection requires an appropriate modem. A modem is usually provided by the ISP when you
register. Many of these modems include an 'router' that provides network and wi-fi access.
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