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Important Information - Acer NV5814U Quick Start Manual

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Thank you for purchasing a Gateway computer!
This guide has been designed to introduce you to the features of your computer and assist in your computing
experience. It will also help you maintain your computer and troubleshoot in case you encounter a problem.
To make the most of your computer, Gateway recommends you perform the actions described below before you
start working with your computer.
Gateway Recovery Management
If you should ever encounter a problem with your computer and the troubleshooting steps included in the Quick
Start & Troubleshooting Guide did not help fix it, you can run the Gateway Recovery Management program. This
will restore your computer to the same state as when you purchased it, while giving you an option to retain all
settings and personal data for later retrieval (see page 46 for details).
Gateway InfoCentre
To discover more about your computer, please make sure you check Gateway InfoCentre, the electronic
user's guide installed on your computer. You need to update the guide at least once online (see page 18 for
Gateway Website
Remember to visit often! Check out the Support section; it contains up-to-date information,
help, drivers and downloads.
Gateway Support
Make sure you write down your computer serial number, date and place of purchase and
model name on the cover of this guide. Also, save your proof of purchase. If you call us,
please write down any error message causing the problem, and have the computer in front of
you and switched on if possible. Having these items to hand when contacting us will ensure
better and quicker service.
Warranty and Contact Information
You can find information about the warranty for your computer and how to contact technical support in your
computer's Warranty Guide.

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