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Gateway Recovery Management - Acer NV5814U Quick Start Manual

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Gateway Recovery Management

To prepare your computer for system recovery options, you should create a set of recovery discs as soon as
possible. Recovery discs take some time to create, but for long-term reliability, the effort is worth it.
Creating recovery discs
If your computer experiences problems that are not recoverable by other methods, you may need to reinstall the
Windows operating system and factory-loaded software and drivers. To reinstall using discs, you must create the
set of recovery discs beforehand. Throughout the process, you will be guided by on-screen instructions. Please read
them carefully!
1. Click on Start
> All Programs > Gateway, then click on Gateway Recovery Management. Gateway
Recovery Management opens.
2. To create recovery discs for the hard drive's entire original contents, including Windows and all factory-loaded
software and drivers, click Create factory default disc.
- OR -
To create recovery discs for only the factory-loaded software and drivers, click Create driver and application
backup disc.
Important: We recommend that you create each type of recovery disc as soon as possible.
The Create Backup Disc dialog box opens.
This dialog box tells you the number of blank, recordable discs you will need to complete the recovery discs. Make
sure that you have the required number of identical, blank discs ready before continuing.
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Table of Contents

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