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Ports And Connectors - Acer NV5814U Quick Start Manual

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Table of Contents
Certain battery types require maintenance to avoid a reduction in battery life.
Do not leave your battery in direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures can affect the performance of your battery.
It's best to use and charge your battery at room temperatures.
Replacing Batteries
Battery packs can be removed and replaced. Read the precautions on handling the battery before changing the
A small lithium battery ('CMOS' battery) in some computers maintains basic configuration information (such as the
time and date). In the event that the battery fails to maintain this information, we recommend that you contact a
qualified technician who may replace this battery.
Battery Precautions and Disposal
Batteries contain a mix of chemicals that should be treated with care. Before disposing of the battery, put
adhesive tape over the terminals. Do not disassemble the battery.
Do not place used batteries in your regular waste. Ultimate disposal of the batteries should be handled
according to all national laws and regulations. Contact your local waste management officials for information
regarding environmentally sound collection, recycling and disposal of batteries.
There is a danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent
type recommended by the manufacturer.

Ports and Connectors

The ports and connector types described below are commonly used on Gateway computers. However, this does not
mean that they are present on the computer you have purchased, nor that it is limited to these ports. To view
documentation specific to the model you have purchased, please check InfoCentre.
Before you attach any device, check the installation instructions that were supplied with it.
Do not remove a device if the computer is using it.
Most devices may be added or removed while the computer is on. They will be detected and installed
automatically. However, certain devices must be deactivated before they can be removed from the computer
(for example, see Removing a card from an External Card Reader on page 10).
Communication Ports
Network - Connect your computer to a network ('LAN') or certain high-speed Internet connections.
Modem - An internal fax/data modem connects you to the Internet over a dial-up connection.
A network port looks very similar to a modem port; they are often found near each other. The network
port is slightly larger than the modem port.
Warning: In thunderstorm conditions, make sure that you disconnect all your connection cables;
unplug the modem from the telephone line, the TV port from the aerial socket and any network
cable. A lightning strike to nearby telephone lines or an aerial could damage your modem, network
or TV card or even your whole computer. Please note that the product warranty does not apply if
damage to your computer is the result of a lightning strike.
Expansion Ports
USB (Universal Serial Bus) - USB ports allow you to connect many peripheral devices to your computer (for
example: keyboard, printer, scanner).
IEEE 1394 (FireWire) - An IEEE 1394 port (aka FireWire™ or i.LINK) allows you to connect high-speed digital
devices to your computer, such as digital video cameras, external hard disk drives, or scanners.
ExpressCard - This slot allows you to use an ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54 expansion card.
Quick Start & Troubleshooting Guide
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Table of Contents

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