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Whirlpool ACMT 6130/WH/2 Operating Instructions Manual page 24


Removing and fitting the oven door:
1.Open the door
2.Make the hinge clamps of the oven door rotate
backwards completely (see photo)
3.Close the door until the clamps stop (the door will
remain open for 40° approx.) (see photo)
4.Press the two buttons on the upper profile and
extract the profile (see photo)
5.Remove the glass sheet and do the cleaning as
indicated in chapter: "Care and maintenance".
6.Replace the glass.
WARNING! Oven must not be operated
with inner door glass removed!
WARNING! When reassembling the inner
door glass insert the glass panel correctly
so that the text written on the panel is
not reversed and can be easily legible.
7.Replace the profile, a click will indicate that the
part is positioned correctly.
8.Open the door completely.
9.Close the supports (see photo).
10.Now the door can be completely closed and the
oven can be started for normal use.



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