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Whirlpool ACMT 6130/WH/2 Operating Instructions Manual page 16


• Is easy to inspect along its whole length so that its
condition may be checked.
• Is shorter than 1500 mm.
• Fits firmly into place at both ends, where it will
be fixed using clamps that comply with current
If one or more of these conditions is not fulfilled
or if the cooker must be installed according to the
conditions listed for class 2 - subclass 1 appliances
(installed between two cupboards), the flexible steel
hose must be used instead (see below).
Connecting a flexible jointless stainless steel pipe
to a threaded attachment
Make sure that the hose and gaskets comply with
current national legislation.
To begin using the hose, remove the hose holder on
the appliance (the gas supply inlet on the appliance is
a cylindrical threaded 1/2 gas male attachment).
Perform the connection in such a way that the hose
length does not exceed a maximum of 2 metres,
making sure that the hose is not compressed and does
not come into contact with moving parts.
Checking the tightness of the connection
When the installation process is complete, check the
hose fittings for leaks using a soapy solution. Never
use a flame.
Adapting to different types of gas
It is possible to adapt the appliance to a type of gas
other than the default type (this is indicated on the
rating label on the cover).
Adapting the hob
Replacing the nozzles for the hob burners:
1. Remove the hob grids and slide the burners off their
2. Unscrew the nozzles using
a 7 mm socket spanner (see
fi gure), and replace them with
nozzles suited to the new type
of gas (see Burner and nozzle
specifi cations table).
3. Replace all the components
by following the above
instructions in reverse.
Adjusting the hob burners' minimum setting:
1. Turn the tap to the minimum position.
2. Remove the knob and adjust the regulatory screw,
which is positioned inside or next to the tap pin, until
the flame is small but steady.
If the appliance is connected to a liquid gas supply,
the regulatory screw must be fastened as tightly as
3. While the burner is alight, quickly change the
position of the knob from minimum to maximum and
vice versa several times, checking that the flame is not
The hob burners do not require primary air
After adjusting the appliance so it may be used with
a different type of gas, replace the old rating label with
a new one that corresponds to the new type of gas
(these labels are available from Authorised Technical
Assistance Centres).
Should the gas pressure used be different (or vary
slightly) from the recommended pressure, a suitable
pressure regulator must be fitted to the inlet hose in
accordance with current national regulations relating to
"regulators for channelled gas".



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