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Start-Up And Use,19 - Whirlpool ACMT 6130/WH/2 Operating Instructions Manual


Start-up and use
Using the hob
Lighting the burners
For each BURNER knob there is a full ring showing the
strength of the flame for the relevant burner.
To light one of the burners on the hob:
1. Bring a flame or gas lighter close to the burner.
2. Press the BURNER knob and turn it in an
anticlockwise direction so that it is pointing to the
maximum flame setting .
3. Adjust the intensity of the flame to the desired level
by turning the BURNER knob in an anticlockwise
direction. This may be the minimum setting , the
maximum setting  or any position in between the two.
If the appliance is fitted with an electronic lighting
repeat the operation, holding the knob down for a longer
period of time.
f the appliance is equipped with a flame failure safety
device (X), press and hold the BURNER knob for
approximately 3-7 seconds to keep the flame alight
and to activate the device.
If the flame is accidentally extinguished, switch off the
burner and wait for at least 1 minute before attempting
to relight it.
To switch the burner off, turn the knob until it reaches
the stop position •.
WARNING! The glass lid can break in
if it is heated up. Turn off all the burn-
ers and the electric plates before clos-
ing the lid
Flame adjustment according to levels
Ideal for gentle cooking (e.g: rice, sauces, roasts, fish) with
liquids (water, wine, broth, milk)
Ideal for stewing ( for a long period of time) and thickening.
Creaming pasta,
Ideal for sautéing.
Cooking on a high flame and browning (roast, steaks,
escalopes, fish fillets, fried eggs.)
Ideal for grilling and browning, starting to cook, frying deep
frozen products.
Ideal for rapidly increasing the temperature of food to fast
boiling in the case of water or rapidly heating cooking liquids.
device* (C), press the
BURNER knob and turn it in
an anticlockwise direction,
towards the minimum flame
setting, until the burner
is lit. The burner may be
extinguished when the knob
is released. If this occurs,
Advice when using burners
For the burners to work in the most efficient way
possible and to save on the amount of gas consumed,
it is recommended that only pans that have a lid and
a flat base are used. They should also be suited to the
size of the burner:
Fast (R)
Semi Fast (S)
Auxiliary (A)
To identify the type of burner, please refer to the
diagrams contained in the "Burner and nozzle
Using the oven
The first time you use your appliance, heat the empty
oven with its door closed at its maximum temperature
for at least half an hour. Ensure that the room is well
ventilated before switching the oven off and opening
the oven door. The appliance may emit a slightly
unpleasant odour caused by protective substances
used during the manufacturing process burning away.
Before operating the product, remove all plastic film
from the sides of the appliance.
Never put objects directly on the bottom of the oven;
this will avoid the enamel coating being damaged.
1. Select the desired cooking mode by turning the
2. Select the recommended temperature for the
cooking mode or the desired temperature by turning
the THERMOSTAT knob.
A list detailing cooking modes and suggested cooking
temperatures can be found in the relevant table (see
Oven cooking advice table).
During cooking it is always possible to:
• Change the cooking mode by turning the
• Change the temperature by turning the
• Stop cooking by turning the SELECTOR knob to the
"0" position.
Always place cookware on the rack(s) provided.
Cookware diameter (cm)
24 - 26
16 - 20
10 - 14



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