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Cooking Modes,20 - Whirlpool ACMT 6130/WH/2 Operating Instructions Manual


Cooking modes
All cooking modes have a default cooking
temperature which may be adjusted manually to a
value between 40°C and 250°C as desired.
A temperature value can be set for all cooking
modes between 50°C and MAX, except for the GRILL
programme, for which only the MAX power level is
Lower compartment
The internal surfaces of the compartment (where
present) may become hot.
Do not place flammable materials in the lower oven
Both the top and bottom heating elements will come on. When using this traditional
cooking mode, it is best to use one cooking rack only. if more than one rack is
used, the heat will be distributed unevenly.
The lower heating element is activated. This position is recommended for
perfecting the cooking of dishes (in baking trays) which are already cooked on the
surface but require further cooking in the centre, or for desserts with a covering of
fruit or jam, which only require moderate colouring on the surface. It should
be noted that this function does not allow the maximum temperature to be reached
inside the oven (250°C) and it is therefore not recommended that foods are
cooked using only this setting, unless you are baking cakes (which should be
baked at a temperature of 180°C or lower).
The top heating element is activated. The extremely high and direct temperature
of the grill makes it possible to brown the surface of meats and roasts
while locking in the juices to keep them tender.
The top heating element is activated. The grill is also highly recommended for
dishes that require a high surface temperature: beef steaks, veal, rib steak, fillets,
hamburgers etc...
WARNING! The oven is
provided with a stop sys-
tem to extract the racks
and prevent them from
coming out of the oven.(1)
As shown in the drawing,
to extract them comple-
tely, simply lift the racks,
holding them on the front
part, and pull (2).
3. Activate the rotisserie by selecting
To operate the
rotisserie (see diagram
proceed as follows:
1. Place the dripping
pan in position 1.
2. Place the rotisserie
support in position 4
and insert the spit in
the hole provided on
the back panel of the
with the



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