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Beko BKK 3060 KL User Manual page 5

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Important instructions for
safety and environment
• Hold the appliance by the handle only. There is a
danger of burns. Avoid contact with hot surfaces
as well as with the emitting steam.
• Position the lid so that the hot steam is directed
away from you.
• Do not open the lid while the water is boiling. Be
careful while you are opening the lid after the
water has boiled. The steam which comes out of
the kettle is very hot.
• Make sure that when using the kettle, the lid always
remains closed properly.
• Never fill the kettle above the maximum level
indicator. If it is overfilled, then boiling water may
splash out.
• Do not fill the kettle below the minimum level
• Never operate the appliance without any water
inside it.
• Do not fill the kettle when it is fitted on its base.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents