Ronix RH-4708 Quick Start Manual

Ronix RH-4708 Quick Start Manual

800w gasoline generator


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  • Page 1 800W GASOLINE GENERATOR RH-4708...
  • Page 2: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Model RH-4708 Power 800W Voltage 220V Frequency 50Htz DC Output 12V-8A Fuel Capacity 4.2Liter Cylinder Capacity 63cc Noise <65 DB Weight 19kg Full Load Continuous Working 6.7 Hours 1/2 Load Continuous Working 10 Hours PART LIST Fuel Cap Fuel Tank...
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION - Exhaust Gas is Poisonous - Never operate engine indoors. - Fuel is highly flammable. - Stop engine when refueling. - No smoking when refueling. - Take care not to spill fuel. - Never place near inflammables. - Never operate on wet weather conditions. - Never touch with wet hands.
  • Page 4 - Do not connect to another generator. PRE-OPRATION CHECK Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.2 L Do not make fuel reach the top of fuel filter. NOTE: Use oil mixed with petrol HOW TO MAKE MIXED PETROL Petrol and oil mixing ration: 50:1 USER MANUAL...
  • Page 5: Starting The Engine

    Use fuel tank cap to measure as: 1.(L):0.02(L) 2.(L):0.04(L) 3.(L):0.08(L) 4.(L):0.08(L) Shake fuel tank after fuelling. STARTING THE ENGINE Before starting, do not connect any electric apparatus. 1) Turn fuel cock to “on” position. 2) Turn choke lever to “close” position. 800W GASOLINE GENERATOR...
  • Page 6 3) Turn engine switch to “on”. 4) Pull slowly on recoil starter until engaged, then pull it briskly. 5) Turn choke lever to “open” STOPPNIG THE ENGINE Before stopping, turn off all electrical appliances. 1) Turn engine switch to “stop”. stop USER MANUAL...
  • Page 7: Safety Devices

    2) Turn the fuel cock to “off” position. CONNECTION 1) Wind lead 2 or 3 turns around the handle. 2) Start engine. 3) Plug into AC socket. SAFETY DEVICES Press to reset AC or DC protector. It will reduce load under the top limit of rated output, if AC or DC protector turns off PERIODIC MAINTENACE Every 50hrs...
  • Page 8: Spark Plug

    SPARK PLUG 1) Remove spark plug. 2) Remove carbon deposits. 3) Check spark for discoloration. Standard Color: Tan Color 4) Check spark plug gap 0.7 -0.8 mm. AIR FILTER 1) Remove air filter. 2) Wash in solvent. 3) Drip motor oil (SEA#20). 4) Squeeze out.
  • Page 9: Application Range

    APPLICATION RANGE 1000 1100 Power Factor Apparatus ~450w ~650w ~720w ~850w 50Hz ~550w ~800w ~850w ~950w 60Hz ~330w ~480w ~540w ~640w 50Hz 0.7-0.8 ~410w ~600w ~640w ~710w 60Hz ~390w ~570w ~620w ~730w 50Hz 95.0.7- ~480w ~700w ~730w ~820w 60Hz if DC output is equipped Chargeable 12V/8.3A Battery...
  • Page 10: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLE SHOOTING ENGINE WON’T START 1) Check fuel. (Fuel switch to be “on”). 2) Engine switch should be “on”. 3) Check spark plug. - If engine still won’t work, check the following 1) Fuel cock clogging 2) Air filter clogging 0.7-0.8 mm USER MANUAL...

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