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Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 2 User Manual page 30

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When the battery power is low, charge your battery by connecting your computer to ac power with the
supplied power adapter. The 65 W ac power adapter supports the rapid charge function, the battery is 80%
charged in about one hour when the computer is turned off. The actual charging time depends on the battery
size, the physical environment, and whether you are using the computer.
Notes: To maximize the life of the battery:
• Use the battery until the charge is depleted and recharge the battery completely before using it. Once the
battery is fully charged, it must discharge to 94% or lower before it will be allowed to recharge again.
• The battery may optimize its full charge capacity based on your usage. After prolonged periods of limited
use, full battery capacity may not be available until you discharge to as low as 20% and recharge
completely. For more information, refer to the power section of the Vantage app.
Use P-to-P 2.0 (Peer to Peer 2.0) charging function
Both USB-C connectors on the computer feature the Lenovo-unique P-to-P 2.0 charging function. To use
the function, ensure that Always On USB and Charge in Battery Mode are enabled in UEFI BIOS of your
computers, so that the function works even when the computers are off or in hibernation mode.
To enable Always On USB and Charge in Battery Mode:
1. Press F1 to enter the UEFI BIOS menu.
2. Click Config ➙ USB, and then to enable Always On USB and Charge in Battery Mode.
• When no ac power is available:
Note: The remaining battery power of computer A should be at least 30% and be 3% higher than that of
computer B.
• When ac power is available:
T14 Gen 2, T15 Gen 2, P14s Gen 2, and P15s Gen 2 User Guide


Table of Contents

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