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Associate Your Fingerprints With Passwords (For Selected Models) - Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 2 User Manual

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6. Press F10 to save changes and exit the UEFI BIOS menu.
• If you have not set a supervisor password, contact a Lenovo authorized service provider to have the
system management password removed.

Associate your fingerprints with passwords (for selected models)

Do the following to associate your fingerprints with the power-on password and NVMe password:
1. Turn off and then turn on the computer.
2. When prompted, scan your finger on the fingerprint reader.
3. Enter your power-on password, NVMe password, or both as required. The association is established.
When you start the computer again, you can use your fingerprints to log in to the computer without entering
your Windows password, power-on password, or NVMe password. To change settings, press F1 to enter the
UEFI BIOS menu, and then select Security ➙ Fingerprint.
Attention: If you always use your fingerprint to log in to the computer, you might forget your passwords.
Write down your passwords, and keep them in a safe place.
Chapter 4
Secure your computer and information


Table of Contents

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