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Use The Touch Screen (For Selected Models) - Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 2 User Manual

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Use the touch gestures
Tap once to select or open an item.
Two-finger zoom in or zoom out.
Open the task view to see all open windows.
• When using two or more fingers, ensure that you position your fingers slightly apart.
• Some gestures are not available if the last action was done from the TrackPoint pointing device.
• Some gestures are only available when you are using certain apps.
• If the trackpad surface is stained with oil, turn off the computer first. Then, gently wipe the trackpad
surface with a soft and lint-free cloth moistened with lukewarm water or computer cleaner.
For more gestures, see the help information of the pointing device.
Disable the trackpad
The trackpad is active by default. To disable the device:
1. Open the Start menu, and then click Settings ➙ Devices ➙ Touchpad.
2. In the Touchpad section, turn off the Touchpad control.

Use the touch screen (for selected models)

If your computer display supports the multi-touch function, you can navigate the screen with simple touch
Note: Some gestures might not be available when you are using certain apps.
T14 Gen 2, T15 Gen 2, P14s Gen 2, and P15s Gen 2 User Guide
Tap twice quickly to display a shortcut menu.
Scroll through items.
Show the desktop.


Table of Contents

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