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Use A Microsd Card Or Smart Card (For Selected Models) - Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 2 User Manual

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By using NFC, you can simply tap and connect your computer and another NFC-enabled device over a few
centimeters or inches. To pair with an NFC card or smartphone:
Note: Ensure that the NFC card is in NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF), otherwise the card cannot be

Use a microSD card or smart card (for selected models)

If your computer has a microSD-card or smart-card slot, read the following information.
Supported microSD card
Note: Your computer does not support the content protection for recordable media (CPRM) feature for the
microSD card.
• Secure Digital (SD) card
• Secure Digital eXtended-Capacity (SDXC) UHS-1 card
• Secure Digital High-Capacity (SDHC) UHS-1 card
Supported smart card
Supported smart card specifications: 85.60 mm (3.37 inches) x 53.98 mm (2.13 inches)
Attention: Smart cards with slits are not supported. Do not insert such a smart card into the smart-card
reader of your computer. Otherwise the reader might get damaged.
Install the card
1. Locate the card slot.
2. Insert the card firmly into the card slot until it is secured in place.
• For the microSD card, ensure that the metal contacts are facing down and pointing toward the card
T14 Gen 2, T15 Gen 2, P14s Gen 2, and P15s Gen 2 User Guide


Table of Contents

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